Basic Electromagnetism and Materials

Basic Electromagnetism and Materials

Basic Electromagnetism and Materials is the product of many years of teaching basic and applied electromagnetism. This textbook can be used to teach electromagnetism to a wide range of undergraduate science majors in physics, electrical engineering, or materials science. However, by making lesser demands on mathematical knowledge than competing texts, and by emphasizing electromagnetic properties of materials and their applications, this textbook is particularly appropriate for students of materials science. Many competing texts focus on the study of propagation waves either in the microwave or optical domain, whereas Basic Electromagnetism and Materials covers the entire electromagnetic domain and the physical response of materials to these waves.

Written for:
Undergraduate students studying electromagnetism, particularly in materials science programs, but also in electrical engineering and applied physics

Table of contents
Introduction To The Fundamental Equations Of Electrostatics and Magnetostatics in a Vacuum and in Conductors.- Electrostatics of Dielectric Materials.- Magnetic Properties of Material.- Dielectric and Magnetic Materials.- Oscillating Systems and Maxwell's Equations.- General Properties of Electromagnetic Waves and their Propagation through A Vacuum.- Electromagnetic Field Sources, and Dipolar Radiation and Antenna.- Electromagnetic Waves in Absorbent and Dispersing Materials and the Poynting Vector.- Waves In Plasmas and Dielectric, Metallic and Magnetic Materials.- Reflection and Refraction of Electromagnetic Waves in Absorbent Materials of Finite Dimensions.- Total Reflection and Guided Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Materials of Finite Dimensions.- Interactions Between Materials and Electromagnetic Waves, and Diffusion and Absorption Processes.

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