Reciprocating Abraser from Taber Industries

The Taber Reciprocating Abraser is a test apparatus that can be configured with optional attachments to assess the relative susceptibility or resistance of a material surface to wear, rub, abrasion, scratch, gouge, mar, scrape, and other physical damage.

The tester is suitable for flat surfaces and features a counterbalanced arm, which spins on an adjustable height gantry system. The counterweight enables users to balance the test arm and ensures accurate test load set-up, irrespective of the weight of the attachment. In addition, a tool holder is integrated at the end of the arm to which optional weights and attachments can be secured.

Test parameters such as speed, load and stroke length are adjustable, and therefore optimal settings for each material can be established. Two additional test arm kits can be accommodated in the Reciprocating Abraser. This enables up to three tests to be performed concurrently.

Key Features

The main features of the Taber Reciprocating Abraser are:

  • Counterbalanced arm
  • Sliding specimen platform
  • Wearaser collet assembly
  • Can accommodate two additional test arm kits
  • Ideal for flat surfaces
  • Optional weight support, wide slot fixing plate, specimen fixing plate kit
  • Weight discs sold individually

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