Optical Micrometer from Taber Industries

The Optical Micrometer available from Taber Industries is capable of making non-contact measurements on flat or curved surfaces. This portable instrument has a robust housing and easy-to-read vernier scale. It is useful for measuring depth of fractures, scratches, crazing, thickness, embedded voids of glass, acrylic and other transparent materials. It can also measure cracks, corrosion, scratches, blemishes, dents, pits and other imperfections.

The Optical Micrometer is available in two models: Model 966 offers 100x power permitting depth measurement up to 0.665", and Model 966A offers 200x power that enables depth measurement up to 0.260". Both models come with a standard tripod base that can be utilized on curved or flat surfaces.

The Optical Micrometer is suitable for field applications, such as airframes, windshields, coated surfaces, leading edges, fuselage skin, rotor blades, propeller blades, turbine blades, coated surfaces, etc.

Key Features

The main features of the Optical Micrometer are:

  • Non-contact measurements on flat or curved surfaces
  • Rugged housing
  • Easy-to-read vernier scale
  • Six interchangeable mounting bases available to accommodate concave, convex or compound surfaces
  • Ideal for field applications
  • Available in two models: Model 966 and Model 966A

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