3-Body Abrasion Testing on Flooring with Taber’s Grit Feeder Attachment

The Grit Feeder available from Taber Industries is a freestanding instrument that needs a Taber Rotary Platform Abraser to perform testing. During the test, abrasive grit particles are deposited continuously and homogeneously onto the surface of the specimen.

The grit feeder’s operation is controlled via the Taber Abraser, ensuring that the grit distribution and vacuum suction are actuated simultaneously.

The Taber Grit Feeder Attachment is utilized together with the Taber Rotary Platform Abraser to assess three-body abrasion induced by the destructive action of hard particles. This instrument is utilized to ascertain the wear resistance of flooring products with smooth surfaces.

Key Features

The main features of the grit feeder are:

  • Freestanding instrument
  • Uniform and d continuous deposition of abrasive grit particles
  • Grit distributor nozzle
  • Specimen holder
  • #240 aluminum oxide grit particle (standardized abradant) supplied
  • Suitable for determining the wear resistance of flooring products
  • Available in 155 and 255 models
  • Hopper capacity of 1,300g (Model 155) and 4,500g (Model 255)

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