Lightning II with Synchronous Modulated Laser Control for Materials Processing Applications

Cambridge Technology’s Lightning II is a powerful and versatile scanning platform developed for via-hole drilling and a wide range of material processing applications. It offers low-drift during high duty cycles and high speed processing. With its 24-bit encoder galvos, the system assures excellent accuracy.

The Lightning II features three control interfaces for easy integration with traditional 16-bit XY2-100 control, digital H/W control via a fully synchronized ScanPack DLL control solution or the 24-bit GSBus.

Key Features

The main features of the Lightning II system include:

  • LII state-space servo determines laser position rapidly
  • GSBus provides 24 bit, 8 channel, high bandwidth bi-directional communications
  • Synchronous modulated ScanMaster™ laser control
  • Beryllium mirrors ensure dynamic performance of the system
  • LII PWM drive with 90% efficient amplifier for power generation
  • Performance XY systems with air or water cooling options to support apertures in size range 14 to 30mm.

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