3-Axis Laser Scanning Systems for Industrial Material Processing from Cambridge Technology

Cambridge Technology’s 3-Axis scanning system is a dynamic focusing scan head designed for laser applications in lab and manufacturing environments. Unlike conventional f-theta two axis system, the 3-Axis system offers larger field sizes and smaller spot sizes.

The 3-Axis system is capable of handling greater laser power that is unmatched by any of its counterparts. It can be adjusted to operate at varying active field sizes and working distances to suit applications in curved working surfaces. The system combines control electronics, application software and dynamic focusing technology integrated XY scanning systems.

Key Features

The main features of the 3-Axis scanning system are:

  • 3-dimensional scanning of surfaces
  • Pre-scanning-objective method ensures high laser power
  • Available in three configurations: high-power, enclosed and modular to suit various applications
  • Large/flexible field of view
  • Large aperture scanning mirrors ensure smaller spot sizes
  • Three different mirror apertures with sizes of 20mm, 30mm and 50mm

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