The Lightning XP Digital Scan Heads for Superior Material Processing Speeds from Cambridge Technology

The Lightning XP Digital Scan Heads from Cambridge Technology are high performance scan heads with an advanced state space digital servo technology. They have self- tuning capabilities that ensure operation with greater efficiency.

Using the servo technology with user feed forward commands, Lightning XP offers high speed and accuracy when compared to the traditional PID servo designs.

Other features of the scan head include standard mechanical bolt patterns, power and communication pinouts, lenses, mirror coatings, and standard apertures, which make it well-suited for OEM design integration.

Key Features

The main features of the Lightning XP digital scan heads are:

  • DC2000 state space digital servo driver
  • Aperture sizes of 7mm,10mm,14mm
  • Standard power and communication pinouts
  • Wide range of supported lenses
  • Self-tuning servo
  • Digital XY2-100 communication protocol
  • Standard mechanical bolt patterns
  • No tracking error

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