The High Power Enclosed 3-Axis Scanner for Laser Material Processing

The 3-Axis Scanner Enclosed System from Cambridge Technology is a compact, low-cost enclosure designed for scanning procedures requiring 3D processing speed and excellent large field.

The system, available in CO2 and Fiber (YAG) configurations, has a flexible design which contributes to the diffraction-limited spot size, high power laser handling capability, programmability and configurability of Cambridge Technology's post-objective scanning (3-Axis) technology.

The 3-Axis Laser Processing Heads are integrated with patented analog and digital Galvo technology and advanced mirror design.

Other features of the system include digital control technology that re-adjusts the internal optical path to program the ensuing field size and the working distance via an external interface.

Key Features

The main features of the 3-Axis enclosed system are:

  • Optional external adjustment facilitates variable square field size ranging from 200 to 1200mm
  • 3-axis scanning technology eliminates the use of scanning lens
  • ProSeries IITM - analog scanning technology ensures speed and accuracy
  • Protective windows and alignment fixtures
  • Available in 30mm and 50mm mirror apertures
  • Optimized for diffraction limited spot size

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