The High Power 3-Axis Scanner for Laser Material Processing Applications from Cambridge Technology

The 3-Axis Scanner 3D Modular Systems available from Cambridge Technology are integrated 3-Axis solutions designed for scanning applications where 3D processing speed, precision and large field are required in a compact architecture with industry-standard interfaces.

The flexibility of the 3-Axis Scanner is ensured through the high power laser handling capability of the post-objective scanning (3-axis) technology as well as from the programmability, configurability and diffraction-limited spot size.

In addition, the 3-Axis laser processing heads leverages Cambridge’s patented digital and analog galvo technology and advanced mirror design to provide a perfect scanning solution for demanding Industrial laser processing applications.

Key Features

The main features of the 3-Axis Scanner system are as follows:

  • 3-axis scanning technology removes the need for scanning lens
  • 3rd axis dynamic focusing module (DFM) provides option to choose field size and the delivered spot size optimized for application
  • Optimized for diffraction limited spot size
  • Variable square field size from 100 to 1200mm (CO2 and YAG)
  • Covers a wide range of micro and macro laser material processing applications
  • Available in both ProSeries IITM – Analog and Lightning IITM - Digital Scanning technologies
  • Available in 20, 30 and 50mm mirror apertures
  • Available in Fiber (YAG), CO2, 532nm and 355nm configurations
  • Accessories include alignment fixtures and protective windows
  • Complete range of controller and software products available

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