Gas and Vapor Sorption Analyzer - the IGA-002

Hiden Isochema's IGA-002 gravimetric analyzer is designed to analyze the general vapor sorption processes under vacuum conditions. It features all the components of the IGA-001 model in addition to anti-condensation protection feature rated to 50°C and an additional low range pressure sensor.

The system can be integrated with a UHV pump isolation valve to achieve a high vacuum at the sample position. Further, the pressure controller is added with a vapor delivery system. The system consists of a number of sample environment options with a wide operating temperature range from -196°C to 1000°C and pressure range from ultra-high vacuum to 20 bar.

The IGA-002 has a unique design with the combination of accurate computer control and measurement of temperature, pressure and mass change. This enables automatic determination of gas and vapor sorption-desorption isotherms and isobars under different operating conditions.

The IGA-002 is used for analyzing water and hydrocarbon vapor sorption on a number of materials including polymers, clays, zeolites, catalysts, carbons, and pharmaceuticals.

Key Features

The main features of the IGA-002 gravimetric analyzer are:

  • Unique IGA method allows determination of sorption kinetics and equilibrium isotherm
  • Regulated vapor pressure as low as 10-3 mbar
  • Built-in anti-condensation protection provides measurements from 0 to 0.99 P/P0 at temperatures of up to 50°C
  • Automated decontamination facility allows rapid species change
  • Interchangeable liquid reservoir with integrated vapor delivery system
  • Sample temperature regulation accuracy in the range of ± 0.05 °C with recirculating fluid bath, with high temperature sample degassing option
  • Single component gravimetric gas and vapor sorption analyzer with ultra-sensitive microbalance
  • Upgradable to other IGA series models


The major applications of the IGA-002 gravimetric analyzer are:

  • Vapor diffusion coefficient determination
  • Organic vapor sorption
  • Moisture sorption
  • Packaging
  • Polymer industry
  • Sorption analysis of water, simple gases, hydrocarbons, chlorinated compounds, aromatics and alcohol


Studying Vapor Sorption Processes with the IGA-002 Gas and Vapor Sorption Analyzer

Hiden Isochema's IGA Range
Hiden Isochema's IGA Range
Hiden Isochema's IGA Range
Hiden Isochema's IGA Range
Hiden Isochema's IGA Range

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