Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer for Binary Gas Sorption Analysis

Hiden Isochema’s Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer is designed for binary gas sorption analysis using the IMB method.

Introducing IGA-003-MC

The IGA-003-MC is provided for binary sorption analysis using Hiden Isochema’s IMB (Integral Mass Balance) analysis method. The IMB technique enables binary gas adsorption isotherms to be computed by integrating the controlled flow of a gas mixture with in situ gravimetric measurement and outlet gas composition examination using a mass spectrometer.

Benefits of IGA-003-MC

  • 100% automated high throughput analysis inclusive of flow and MS calibration
  • IMB measurements are quick, accurate, and need just a few grams of sample
  • Isothermal and isobaric multipoint binary sorption isotherms with precisely regulated temperature/pressure/composition conditions
  • Single component and binary equilibria measured in a single experiment

Key Features

  • Enhanced sampling interface with a close-coupled Hiden mass spectrometer
  • Suggested sample size is 3.5 g for operation at a pressure of 0.5 bar to 3 bar
  • Dynamic mode gas delivery with gas flow calibration
  • Unique IMB technique for partial uptake determination
  • Exclusive sample reactor with combi-bath/heater for sample thermostatting

The IMB Method

The IMB method involves a regulated gas mixture flowing over a sample hung from the IGA microbalance. The gas composition at the outlet is established using a mass spectrometer (MS). Subsequently, inlet flow rates and outlet gas composition are integrated with in-situ gravimetric data to compute the partial uptake of each gas, as well as total uptake, as a function of molar fraction. Total time-dependent data is finally recorded and examined to guarantee stable state conditions are realized at every step of the measurement.

Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer for Gas Sorption Analysis

Hiden Isochema IMB Reactor7
Narrow bore multi component reactor

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