High Accuracy Sorption Microbalance – The XEMIS Series

Hiden Isochema’s XEMIS is a high accuracy gravimetric sorption analyzer designed for operation with a wide range of gases and vapors at pressures up to 200 bar. Featuring next generation microbalance technology, it allows high resolution measurements on exceptionally small samples.

The XEMIS analyzer is based on Hiden Isochema's unique exosensing technology, which allows gravimetric sorption testing at high pressures and high temperatures, including a mixture of conditions not achievable with other sorption microbalance instrumentation. The unique design of the XEMIS where sensitive components are removed from the balance chamber, allows operation with hazardous and aggressive species without sacrificing stability, measurement resolution, or accuracy.

XEMIS has the widest controllable pressure range of any gravimetric sorption analyzer, and is optimized for sample sizes from 1 mg to 5g.

The XEMIS series

XEMIS models include:

  • XEMIS-001
  • A high resolution pure gas sorption analyzer
  • XEMIS-002
  • A high resolution pure gas and vapor sorption analyzer
  • XEMIS-003
  • A versatile pure and mixed gas sorption analyzer
  • XEMIS-100
  • Powerfully combines the features of the other XEMIS models. The XEMIS-100 is a flexible mixed gas and vapor sorption analyzer

Insights into the Product

Richard Murden, Product Development Manager at Hiden Isochema Ltd, speaks to AZoM.com about the XEMIS:

What can the XEMIS be used for?

The XEMIS is a high pressure sorption analyzer that can accurately measure the uptake of gases by materials. It operates up to 200 bar and is also compatible with aggressive and corrosive species such as NOx and sulphur-containing compounds. These measurements are of interest for a wide range of practical applications including the storage, separation and purification of gases using porous materials.

How will the XEMIS help users to achieve their aims and objectives?

The XEMIS can provide information on both the equilibria and kinetics of sorption processes over a broad temperature range, from 77 K up to 500°C. It is a product that will be of interest to anyone requiring detailed kinetic or thermodynamic information about the interaction of gases with solids.

What do you feel are the main benefits and advantages of the XEMIS compared to other available alternatives?

A key benefit of the XEMIS is its ability to measure high quality sorption data on research scale samples under challenging conditions. Many new materials are not available in large quantities so the XEMIS offers researchers the opportunity to analyse the high pressure gas sorption behaviour or storage capacity of samples of the order of tens of milligrams.

To do this, Hiden Isochema developed a new kind of microbalance that provides highly stable measurements, without the need for in-situ re-zeroing or recalibration. We are able to specify an intrinsic long term stability of ± 5 μg. The symmetric geometry and precision engineered components have also been designed to minimise buoyancy, which is a critical consideration in the high pressure regime.

Key Features

The key features of the XEMIS are:

  • Symmetric geometry, precision-engineered microbalance
  • Exosensing technology to eliminate sensitive parts from the microbalance chamber and allow operation with corrosive and flammable species
  • Wide dynamic weighing range (0-200 mg)
  • Large capacity microbalance (5 g) with resolution of 0.2 µg and long-term stability of ±5 µg
  • High pressure operation to 200 bar
  • Modular design that matches with all accessories and is fully upgradable
  • Single reactor vessel for all thermostat options, from 77 K to 773 K
  • No re-zeroing or in-situ recalibration needed
  • Reduced total internal volume
  • Uses the innovative IGA technique for endpoint prediction
  • All-metal construction with high quality VCR fittings


The XEMIS can be used in the following areas:

  • Activated carbon, carbon molecular sieves and templated carbons
  • Carbon dioxide sequestration
  • Chemisorption studies
  • Chemical reaction studies (e.g. oxidation/nitridation)
  • Isotherm determination
  • Gas separation and purification
  • Gas solubility in ionic liquids
  • Gas sorption testing
  • Hydrogen storage analysis
  • High pressure catalysis
  • Kinetic analysis
  • Methane storage
  • Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)/porous coordination frameworks
  • Nanoporous material characterization
  • Supercritical gas adsorption
  • Shale gas and coal bed methane
  • Porous polymers
  • Thermodynamic studies
  • Thermochemical energy storage
  • Zeolites and zeotypes


High Accuracy Sorption Microbalance - The XEMIS Series

Hiden Isochema's XEMIS Series
Hiden Isochema's XEMIS Series
Hiden Isochema's XEMIS Series

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