IGAsorp: Gravimetric Vapor Sorption Analyzer

Hiden Isochema’s IGAsorp is a proven gravimetric vapor sorption analyzer that is extensively used in R&D and QC environments in pharmaceuticals and other fields.

IGAsorp analyzers have been used at companies across the spectrum from multinational bluechip corporations, through medium-sized development and manufacturing companies, to expert contract labs.

The IGAsorp dynamic vapor sorption (DVS) analyzer is recognized for its long service life and reliability. Thanks to its sophisticated features, IGAsorp is also well known in academic research environments.

water and organic solvent dynamic vapor sorption analyzer

Image Credit: Hiden Isochema

Key Features

  • Humidity control stability of +/−0.01 %RH
  • Long-term weighing stability of +/−1 micrograms
  • Temperature control stability of +/−0.01 °C
  • Optional built-in color video microscope
  • Quick and easy sample loading
  • Sample sizes from 1 mg
  • Compact footprint (with a width of 50 cm)
  • Full three-year warranty

Software Overview

  • Advanced HIsorp software has full compatibility with all Windows operating systems, such as Windows 7, 8, and 10 64-bit
  • Smart accelerated equilibration determination that is based on the prediction of quantified sorption kinetics—the IGA technique
  • Completely automated with full user control over experiment programs, from standard techniques and templates to user-defined programs, such as conditional events and multi-stage analyses
  • High-security option to ensure compliance to 21 CFR part 11
  • Integrated isotherm, kinetic, and diffusion analysis programs
  • Simple checks for user conformance to perform temperature, weight, and humidity verification
  • Built-in quick video guides
  • Fully formatted worksheets can be exported to Excel in a single click
  • Automated notification is provided on completion of measurement through text or email message

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