Fully Automated Bench-Top DVS Analyzer - The IGAsorp from Hiden Isochema

The IGAsorp from Hiden Isochema is a bench-top instrument that employs the dynamic flow technique for the rapid and precise sorption measurements of water and vapors. The vapor uptake measurement and kinetics can be further used to characterize the materials under precise environmental conditions.

The instrument consists of an ultra-sensitive microbalance for measuring the sample weight with respect to temperature and humidity. Multiple sensors present in the sample position enable precise feedback control of the experimental parameters. The system's unique IGA method allows automatic equilibrium determination with real-time end point prediction for faster measurements.

The IGAsorp allows real-time measurement of kinetic data to provide additional information on the sample's physical properties. The system carries out isothermal, isochoric and temperature-programmed experiments in a fully-automated manner.


Fast and Accurate Sorption Measurements with the IGAsorp

Hiden Isochema's IGAsorp Range
Hiden Isochema's IGAsorp Range
Hiden Isochema's IGAsorp Range
Hiden Isochema's IGAsorp Range
Hiden Isochema's IGAsorp Range

Insights Into the Product

Mark Roper, Sales and Marketing Director at Hiden Isochema Ltd, speaks to AZoM.com about the IGAsorp:

What can the IGAsorp be used for?

The IGAsorp is a dynamic vapour sorption (DVS) analyser designed to measure both the equilibrium and kinetics of water sorption by materials. This kind of measurement is of interest for any application in which moisture absorption by a material or product can affect its properties or provide further information about the physical properties of the sample itself. Examples include pharmaceuticals, packaging, foodstuffs, personal care products and building materials.

How will the IGAsorp help users to achieve their aims and objectives?

Each instrument in the IGAsorp range is fully automated and programmable. They also use microbalances that are incredibly stable, allowing continuous measurement for weeks at a time. These instruments can therefore be used as workhorses that can operate unattended for as long as a measurement takes, providing highly accurate information on both the equilibrium and kinetics of the interaction of water (or organic vapour) with materials, regardless of the timescale. In any situation in which this is important, the IGAsorp can thus prove invaluable.

What do you feel are the main benefits and advantages of the IGAsorp compared to other available alternatives?

There are a number of areas in which the IGAsorp excels.  Flexibility, as for all Hiden Isochema products, is a key point. The IGAsorp-HT, for example, can perform measurements at sample temperatures from 5°C up to 300°C. This is the widest temperature range available for DVS analysers. The IGAsorp can also operate on a number of levels, from simple and efficient isotherm determination for QC applications through to advanced experimental programs for researchers.

Key Features

The main features of the IGAsorp are:

  • Small footprint
  • Linear ramp temperature control for thermogravimetric studies
  • Laminar flow and stable humidity control
  • Excellent thermal and anti-static environment
  • Anti-symmetric geometry maximizes mass transfer and minimize noise
  • Ultra high resolution balance
  • Compatibility water and organic vapors with easy decontamination and sorbate exchange
  • Unique MVTR permeation cell option
  • High sensitivity and stability
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Raman interface option


The major applications of the IGAsorp are:

  • Amorphous phase detection
  • Permeation and diffusion studies
  • Hydrate analysis
  • Moisture content determination
  • Cyclic/lifetime studies
  • Isotherm and & kinetics analysis


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