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LEXT OLS4100 from Evident

The LEXT OLS4100 from Evident is a laser scanning microscope designed for surface measurements at 10nm resolutions and non-contact 3D observations. It consists of a customized optical system and high numerical apertures. A 405nm laser within the optical system ensures superior performance.

With these customized objectives, the LEXT OLS4100 ensures reliable measurement of samples acute-angled samples that were previously challenging to measure, and also allow measurement of micro-roughness over an irregular surface.

The presence of a short-wavelength 405nm laser and a high aperture objective lens provides an impressive X-Y resolution of 0.12µm to perform submicron measurements at the surface of the sample. A precise 0.8nm resolution linear scale and software algorithms such the I-Z curve can help OLS4100 resolve 10nm height differences.

The LEXT OLS4100 provides a high-resolution image over a wider area range and a fast image acquisition. It includes a dual confocal system incorporated with two confocal optical light paths. When combined with a high sensitivity detector, this dual confocal system allows the OLS4100 to generate a precise 3D image from a sample.

The new multilayer mode identifies the reflected light intensity peaks from multiple layers. It also allows measurement of the upper surface of a transparent sample and analysis of multiple layers to evaluate the thickness of each layer.

A hybrid vibration dampening mechanism with dampening rubber and coil springs is incorporated in the OLS4100 to eliminate external influences on measurement and imaging.

An optional EVIDENT Stream micro imaging software performs nonmetallic inclusion rating or grain size analysis, and the results can be directly uploaded from the OLS4100.

Double Performance System

Accuracy and repeatability are the two key parameters used for measuring the performance of a measuring tool. The OLS4100 is the first LSM in the industry to ensure both repeatability and accuracy. It uses a rigorous production system for every component, and delivers the highest-quality systems with respect to the comprehensive evaluation to meet the industry standards.

Types of Sample Measurement

The OLS4100 provides different types of measurements: step measurement, surface roughness measurement, area/volume measurement, geometric measurement, optional film thickness measurement, particle measurement, and auto edge detection.

Step measurement which allows measurement of a step between any two arbitrary points on a surface, surface roughness measurement which allows measurement of line/plane roughness, geometric measurement which measures the distance between two arbitrary points on a geometric image, and other optional modes including particle measurement, film thickness and auto edge detection.

Improved Measurement of Surface Roughness

The calibration of OLS4100 is similar to that of contact surface roughness gauges. The OLS4100 includes the required roughness parameters and filters based on ISO and JQA. With its roughness-specific mode, OLS4100 can create roughness profile for sample lengths up to 100mm using an automatic line stitching function. It can also measure the surface roughness of micro geometries at high resolution.

As a noncontact laser microscope, the OLS4100 can carry out accurate surface roughness measurement, irrespective of the surface texture conditions. It can also identify a measuring position and perform roughness measurement of a target micro area.

Providing High Quality Images

The optional EVIDENT Stream micro imaging software performs non-metallic inclusion rating or grain size analysis, and the results can be directly uploaded from the OLS4100. The presence of a white LED light and a high-color-fidelity CCD camera produces clear natural-looking color images. The high dynamic range (HDR) function is used for combining various images captured from optical microscopes using different exposures.

The LEXT OLS4100 can produce height maps, a laser microscope image and a true-color optical microscope image simultaneously. The presence of a white LED light and a high-color-fidelity CCD camera produces clear, natural-looking color images. Using the DIC laser mode, the LEXT OLS4100 can provide live images that are comparable to those of an electron microscope under low power magnifications.

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) function combines various optical microscope images obtained from different exposures, thereby providing images with a wide dynamic range.

Intuitive GUI

The OLS4100 features an easy three-step “Imaging, Measurement and Reports” process. The macro map function allows wide-field image display of a sample under low magnification. For scanning large areas of sample, two stitching methods are available: Automatic mode for faster image acquisition and Manual mode for live image acquisition. However, the presence of new user- friendly Smart Scan mode provides 3D images with a single click of a button.

The new Ultra-Fast mode ensures acquisition of scanned images at twice the speed of conventional Fast mode. Further, a Band Scan mode is also available for the measurement of limited target areas.

After measurement, the reports can be generated at a single touch of a button, and each report template can be customized using an edit function. The OLS4100 also comes with a detailed user-designed wizard function that ensures quick and easy operation by new operators.

After measurement, the reports can be generated at in a single touch of a button, and each report template can be customized using an edit function.

Key Features

The main features of the LEXT OLS4100 are:

  • Wider sample range
  • Performs micro-profile measurements with 10nm height resolution
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Various measurement modes
  • Optional EVIDENT Stream micro imaging software
  • Improved surface roughness measurements
  • Crystal-clearHigh quality 3D color images
  • DIC laser mode provides live images
  • HDR function optimizes balance between brightness and contrast
  • Hybrid vibration-dampening mechanism stabilizes measurement and imaging environments
  • Easy three-step “Imaging, Measurement and Reports” process
  • Macro map function enables wide-field image display of a sample
  • Automatic and manual stitching methods available for scanning large areas
  • Smart Scan mode acquires 3D images with a single click
  • High speed acquisition of required areas of the images
  • Customizable reports at the touch of a button
  • Customized report generation
  • User-designed wizard function


The main applications of the LEXT OLS4100 are:

  • Semiconductor/flat panel display – Chip pad, Laser dot on light guide panel and wafer bump
  • Electronic component/Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) – Flexible PCB connector, micro lens, and photomask
  • Material/metal processing – Adhesive tape, sandpaper, ultra-thin pipe, carbon, and diamond electrocoating tool

Evident' LEXT OLS4100

Razor with an Acute Angle
LEXT-Dedicated Objectives
Minimized Aberrations with Dedicated Objective
STEP Height standard Type B, PTB-5, Institut für Mikroelektronik, Germany, 6 nm Detection in Height Measurement
Diamond Electroplated Tool Objective Lens MPlanApoN50xLEXT
Multi-Layer Mode
Observation_Measurement of Multiple Layers of Transparent Material
Accuracy and Repeatability
Traceability System
Step Measurement
Surface Roughness Measurement
Area_Volume Measurement
Particle Measurement (optional)
Geometric Measurement
Film Thickness Measurement (optional)
Auto Edge Detection_Measurement (optional)
Micro Roughness1
Micro Roughness2
Polymer Film 3D image
Soft Specimen
Adhesive Specimen
Bonding Wires1
Bonding Wires2

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