Research Stereomicroscope System SZX10

Olympus has introduced a new research stereomicroscope system called SZX10 that provides a logical option when field size and large working distance are crucial.

Olympus’ lens system has been designed to enable users to view and record samples in their authentic, original colors without any kind of distortion. The microscope contains ergonomic components, including longer eye tubes, which allow users to keep a natural posture while using the instrument.

Reliability and Repeatability

Control Knobs Capable of Rapid Inspection

A wide zoom range of 0.63x to 6.3x allows users to view samples at various magnifications without having to change the objective lenses.

Zoom knob with click-stop.

Zoom knob with click-stop. Image Credit: Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas - Industrial Microscopy

An exclusively developed dual objective holder equipped with axial detent additionally extends the scope of potential magnifications. With the axial light path setting, users can be certain that measurements taken with the camera are accurate and consistent in all directions, thus rendering the results independent from the orientation of the sample being observed under the microscope.

Several imaging and measuring tasks involve the use of the same zoom magnification setting to guarantee similar and reliable results, but now the built-in 11-position click-stop allows users to easily capture and recreate the zoom settings.

Excellent Performance from a Choice of Eight Interchangeable Objectives

DFPL2x/DPFL1.5x/DFPL 0.75x/DFPL 0.5x

The DFPL range of objectives can precisely simulate the shapes of samples with excellent color fidelity.


This objective is apochromatically corrected to realize the highest level of performance. It offers excellent contrast, resolving power, and image flatness with minimal distortion.


These well-balanced objectives integrate excellent resolving power with a long working distance.

Lineup of objective lenses.

Lineup of objective lenses. Image Credit: Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas - Industrial Microscopy

Versatile Illumination Solutions

Stands and Illumination Units

The SZX series available from Olympus features the exclusive Olympus LED base system that enables excellent control of transmitted illumination and also ensures bright, uniform images. Equipped with the ultra-slim 40 mm base, the SZX2 range has an excellent ergonomic stage height. An innovative carousel also makes it easy to choose and manage darkfield, brightfield, and oblique illumination. The durable LEDs do not heat the sample or stage and thus considerably improve the flexibility for material stereo microscopy.

Low-profile LED illumination base.

Low-profile LED illumination base. Image Credit: Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas - Industrial Microscopy

Selectable Reflected Light Illumination Lineup

Multipurpose reflected illumination units are also available, such as the coaxial illuminator and ring light illuminator. Users can select the illumination system based on their particular application needs.

4-Segment LED ring-light illuminator.

4-Segment LED ring-light illuminator. Image Credit: Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas - Industrial Microscopy

Adjustable dual-mounted combination.

Adjustable dual-mounted combination. Image Credit: Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas - Industrial Microscopy

Coaxial illuminator for highly reflective samples.

Coaxial illuminator for highly reflective samples. Image Credit: Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas - Industrial Microscopy

Intelligent Digital Imaging

High-Performance Cameras

With the SZX10 microscope you will want to document or show live digital views of your samples. By using a trinocular head and shifting the objective in the axial imaging path, users can obtain a perpendicular view of the sample. When the Olympus DP cooled digital camera is fixed to the SZX10 microscope, it creates a highly flexible imaging station.

This has been designed for high-resolution documentation (up to 17.3 MP) and also for high-speed imaging for live views. The sophisticated interface allows exceptional color reproduction without any perceptible color shifts during the movement of samples.

Image Analysis Software

The Stream imaging software from Olympus provides all the tools needed to perform basic 2D measurements via complex analysis in a user-friendly setting and also supports a host of operations, such as observation, database creation, report generation, and archiving.

Thanks to the SZX10 motorized focus drive, digital documentation is made fully automatic and efficient with extended focal imaging (EFI). With EFI, users can effortlessly produce pseudo-3D images.

In addition, Olympus provides a comprehensive range of analysis/measurement software and digital cameras. 

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