The TopMap Pro.Surf+ for Determining Deviation and Roughness for Metrology Labs

Polytec’s TMS-500-R TopMap Pro.Surf+ is the latest family member, and it conveniently determines roughness and form deviation at the same time. The system is fast reliable and precise, and it is a upgrade from the high-end TopMap Pro:Surf.

The new data acquisition concept with the integrated roughness sensor help to provide an all-in-one solution. The TMS-500-R TopMap Pro.Surf+ is ideal for conducting easy and quick measurements of precision-made surfaces in places like the metrology laboratory, close to the production or in the production line due to its rapid data acquisition concept and high level of repeatability.

TopMap Pro.Surf+ offers tailor-made solutions in order to characterize almost all of the surfaces using parameters such as step height, flatness, and parallelism plus roughness. In addition to its intelligent multisensor concept, the high vertical and lateral resolution, its telecentric optical design and the fast measurement are impressive benefits.

Within a matter of seconds, two million measurement points are recorded on a large 43 x 32 mm² measuring surface without the need for stitching. The surface measurement can extend up to 230 x 220 mm². There is plenty of leeway for flexible measuring tasks because of the 70 mm vertical measurement range and the superior vertical resolution. The difficult-to-reach areas such as drill holes can also be measured by the telecentric optics.

As many samples are captured simultaneously without the need for mechanical fixing, integrated machine vision tools such as automatic pattern recognition help to speed up the quality assurance process.

Key Features

The main features of the TMS-500-R TopMap Pro.Surf+ are as follows:

  • Filter wheel and Smart Scanning Technology to measure almost any surface
  • Precise and quick 3D surface characterization plus roughness measurement
  • Traceable measurement results and non-contact measurement principle
  • Large measurement field of 230 x 220 with high z-range of 70 mm³
  • Automatic sample recognition without any mechanical fixture requirement
  • User-friendly evaluation and measurement software for automation
  • Telecentric optics measure even low-lying, hard-to-reach areas such as holes
  • All-in-one system doesn't overlook any details
  • Safe sample handling because of a long working distance
Combined measurement of form parameters plus surface roughness | TopMap Pro.Surf+

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