Laser Vibrometer: VibroGo

Polytec’s NEW all-in-one vibrometer allows vibration measurements without contact over a wide frequency range from DC up to 100 kHz. The lightweight and robust water-resistant design has a built-in intuitive touchscreen, and can also be remotely controlled. Wireless data transfer and an external battery pack makes the VibroGo the ideal tool for measurements on the Go

This portable turn-key vibration analyzer is designed for field studies and for rapid and easy condition monitoring of facilities and machines on the go.

The VibroGo is capable of measuring the real vibrations, dynamics, and acoustics of a structure without making any contact across a broad frequency range from DC up to 100 kHz. Its exceptional vibrational velocity resolution coupled with high linearity across the whole frequency range offers a convenient precision analysis tool.

The VibroGo can be used to gain an improved understanding of acoustics and dynamics in nature and technology—for product development, research, and quality assurance.

Study Acoustics and Dynamics in Nature and Technology

The VibroGo simplifies vibration measurements: the auto and remote focus allows easy alignment of the laser beam on users’ test object and sets the range for measurement through the touch screen.

Users can instantly retrieve the vibrational velocity, acceleration, and displacement. The built-in signal level indicator helps and streamlines an optimum operation. High pass and frequency bandwidth filters can be selected to isolate undesirable signals immediately.

If users require a portable, multifunctional, and non-contact vibration sensor system, the VibroGo offers a suitable solution. The lightweight tripod can be used for rapid setups. The mobile power supply ensures up to 3 hours of operation time, allowing users to remain independent.

Users can also measure machinery vibrations on unsafe or hard-to-access areas from a safe distance. They can use either Ethernet or wireless connection for remote control from anywhere, for both data transfer and convenient sensor configuration.


  • User-friendly with autofocus and touch screen
  • Dynamics and acoustics can be studied with laser precision in both laboratory and in field
  • Measurements can be made from a safe distance of up to 30 m
  • Versatile, lightweight, and outdoor-proof (IP64)
  • Prolonged vibrational velocity range up to 2 m/second
  • Versatile with a huge bandwidth from DC up to 100 kHz
  • Simultaneous digital and analog signal output
  • Remote control and wireless measurement can be done from anywhere within the sophisticated connectivity concept
  • Real-time vibration signal output in velocity, acceleration, and displacement
  • Optional mobile power supply is available for up to 3 hours of operation
Unboxing VibroGo – truly portable laser vibration measurement



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