Laser Surface Velocimeters (LSV) from Polytec

Getting to know the accurate speed and length of sheet materials is essential to optimize the cost and process, as well as process reliability.

Laser Surface Velocimeters (LSV) from Polytec are optical length and speed sensors that exceed the performance of conventional contact-based measurement techniques such as encoder wheels and provide several benefits.

Process Control with Laser Precision

LSVs have been installed in thousands of locations across the world, supporting rolling mill products and steel, metallurgical plants, as well as aluminum and metals production with precision laser measurements.

Moreover, Polytec sensors improve process control and material usage while producing paper and packaging, textiles and films, cables and wires, as well as construction materials and wood products.

Why Optical Measurement?

All the LSVs from Polytec, inclusive of the most recent ProSpeed™ LSV, enable continuous production processes of materials and piece goods with accurate length and speed measurements.

Irrespective of whether users are producing paper, cable, film, textile, pipes, wood and construction material, or profiles with a matte or shiny surface, a Polytec LSV has the potential to adapt to any task and quantifies the surface velocity of goods. Thus, Polytec LSVs enable cutting of lengths with zero contact and from a safe distance.

The laser sensors from Polytec prevent the disadvantages of conventional contact-based measuring techniques by avoiding slippage, wear and the ensuing process uncertainty.

Highlights of Using Non-Contact Measurement in Production

  • Improve users’ process with laser precision
  • Cut users’ material cost by decreasing waste
  • Zero slippage, wear, or impact on the surface of goods
  • Non-contact measurement on all surfaces such as matte, shiny, textured and coated
  • Gauge adjusted permanently*
  • Wear-free sensor technology comes without moving parts
  • Reliable measurement done even on very small structures (for example fibers cables, wires)

*The extremely stable optics principle of the LSV avoids the need to readjust because of technical reasons. Local laws and quality control regulations might need recalibrations.

Achieve Far More

The latest generation ProSpeed® sensor from Polytec integrates the advantages of the optical measuring principle with Polytec’s experience of over five decades in optical measuring methods.

The installation of ProSpeed® optical sensor considerably decreases the maintenance cost for users and helps increase users’ manufacturing productivity.

Laser Surface Velocimeters (LSV) from Polytec

Image Credit: Polytec 

Highlights of ProSpeed® Optical Sensors

  • Powerful sensor technology (IP66 and IP67); certified vibration resistance and mechanical shock
  • High optical sensitivity allows measurement on all types of material surfaces (reflective, colored, or even dark)
  • Visible laser for simple alignment
  • Flexible interface principle for simple process integration (web interface, serial interface, Ethernet, various fieldbus protocols and encoder output)
  • Simple integration of the compact sensor head
  • MID compliance
  • Excellent laser safety offered by the functional redundant laser switch-off
  • High flexibility with stand-off distances varying from 0.2 to 3 m

Precisely for Users’ Production Process

The reliability of process and material usage are key to realize the overall cost-efficiency in several production environments. The smallest of deviations can result in added material costs, which can add up quickly. Thus arises the need for high-precision, non-contact measuring processes.

All LSVs from Polytec have been designed particularly for precise measurement of speed and length in industrial environments. LSVs offer reliable measurement data that can be easily combined into users’ process control systems.

The use of an LSV enhances measurement precision and thus increases the quality and quantity of output. Right from speed and length measurement to cut-to-length control and position tracking, Polytec systems provide the ideal configuration for each application.

MID Certified for Calibrated Machines

Polytec symbolizes data integrity and transparency: Polytec’s compact sensors are certified based on 2014/32/EU (MID or Measuring Instruments Directive) for applications in legally calibrated machines.

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