Polytec’s TopMap Micro.View is a compact and user-friendly optical profiler. This robust metrology solution is a combination of excellent performance and affordability.

With the CST Continuous Scanning Technology and an extended 100 mm Z measurement range, the TopMap Micro.View quantifies even complex topographies at nm resolution.

The TopMap Micro.View is an easy table-top setup and includes built-in electronics with the smart focus finder streamlining and accelerating the measurement process.

Small Footprint with Expanded Capability

Users can benefit from the optional ECT Environmental Compensation Technology, ensuring precise and dependable measurement results even in challenging and noisy production surroundings.

The TopMap Micro.View is an economical quality control instrument meant for checking precision-engineered surfaces in research as well as manufacturing fields.


  • Non-contact measurement of 3D topography, texture, and roughness
  • Surface finish can be measured in a compact setup
  • Superior lateral resolution
  • 100 mm Z measurement range with CST Continuous Scanning Technology
  • Users can select from application-specific objectives

Xperts Inside! Next-Generation Optical Surface Metrology

Xperts inside! Next generation optical surface metrology


TopMap Micro.View

TopMap Micro.View table-top optical surface profiler
CST Continuous Scanning Technology allows to use the entire 100 mm positioning range as measurement range
Non-contact roughness measurement
Analyze microstructure topography with nanometer resolution

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