Doppler Vibrometer: VibroOne

Polytec’s VibroOne laser Doppler vibrometer is an all-in-one solution developed for non-contact vibration measurement. The VibroOne allows users to examine dynamics, acoustics, and vibration problems in research and development and also in industrial quality control with laser precision.

The VibroOne includes an all-in-one front-end equipped with a built-in laser and a fiber-coupled, compact sensor head. This vibration measurement system is also integrated with the VibSoft data acquisition and analysis software and the VibroLink digital interface, and is ready to aim, shoot, and measure instantly.


Vibration Measurement in Tight Setups

The VibroOne has been explicitly developed for tightly packed setups, whether in complex production settings, research laboratories, or for non-contact analysis of minute details on biomedical probes or microstructures.

The inline HD+ camera is optional, allowing users to place the laser accurately and facilitating proper test documentation. An optical filter helps achieve a perfect contrast of the laser spot. Optional microscope lenses aim at a 1.5 μm laser spot, allowing users to examine even fine details.

The all-in-one VibroOne laser vibrometer helps measure frequencies on a large bandwidth ranging from DC up to 3 MHz with maximum time resolution. The measurement system provides analog outputs for quantifying vibrational velocity, displacement, and acceleration synchronously.

The digital VibroLink interface allows an easy, fully digital transfer of the quantified velocity signal through Ethernet to a computer or notebook. Therefore, it facilitates an easy and robust analysis in frequency and time domain with the Polytec VibSoft data acquisition and analysis software along with optimal signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR).

With its analog BNC signal outputs, the VibroOne can also be used with traditional data acquisition hardware.


  • Compact and ruggedized design enables convenient handling in laboratories and production testing
  • Users can measure from DC to 3 MHz with a maximum time resolution
  • Allows non-contact measurement of vibration, dynamics, and acoustics with laser precision
  • VibroLink digital interface enables easy setup, data transfer, and optimum SNR
  • Synchronous output of velocity, displacement, and acceleration
  • An optionally incorporated HD+ camera ensures easy setup and test documentation



VibroOne compact vibration sensor solution
VibroOne non-contact vibration testing on electronics, making fine vibrational details visible
VibroOne laser vibration sensor with HD+ camera for precise targeting and test documentation
VibroOne acoustic quality inspection of electric motors in a production line
Connectivity scheme of VibroOne with the inferface VibroLink

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