Cutting Through Tough Substances with the IP60-50

Jet Edge Waterjet Systems provides a series of ultra-high-pressure pumps that are ideal for a variety of applications ranging from cutting samples with water only or a 24/7 operation that requires the use of multiple abrasive jets.

More specifically, Jet Edge’s IP60-50 Waterjet Intensifier pump is a dependable and easy to maintain system capable of cutting and trimming a large array of materials that exhibit properties such as heat sensitivity, those which are particularly delicate and/or tough.

As an ideal tool for robotic, mobile, and motion system cutting applications, Jet Edge also offers users an engineering analysis and customized solution to ensure all application needs are met.

Product Specifications

  • Rated pressure: 60,000 psi (4,100 bar)
  • Motor output: 50 hp (37 kw)
  • UHP flow rate: 1.0 gpm (3.7 lpm) at 55,000 psi
  • Maximum rated orifice size: 0.015 inches (0.38 mm)
  • Single piston
  • Dual plunger intensifier
  • Pump warranty: one year or 2,000-hour run
  • Hydraulic circuit warranty: two years or 4,000-hour run
  • Free life-time factory product training

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