Multi Sample Colloid Stability Analyzer - Turbiscan TOWER

The Turbiscan TOWER is a multi-sample stability analyzer that allows to perform full characterization of the colloidal stability of concentrated dispersions, such as emulsions, suspensions and foams at real storage conditions.

With 6 measurement positions, the Turbiscan TOWER allows for a simultaneous comparison of formulations to be achieved more efficiently and in a quantified manner. Thus, providing a deeper understanding of destabilization mechanisms such as creaming, sedimentation, flocculation and coalescence.

Stability analysis measurements can be performed within the temperature range of 4 to 80 °C, thereby accelerating destabilization processes and/or reproducing storage conditions, depending upon the specific user requirements. Overall, this stability analyzer exhibits a vertical set-up that provide users with high performance and smaller bench footprint.

Product Features

Multi-sample Stability Analysis

  • Up to 6 samples can be characterized without requiring any prior dilution or mechanical stress procedures to be performed.
  • Formulations with concentrations of up to 95% can be tested in their native state, thereby providing users with a unique insight into particle migration and size variation.

Stability and Size Measurement

  • Quantitative monitoring of dispersion stability
  • Shelf life and long-term stability analysis
  • Migration velocity
  • Aggregation and agglomeration kinetics
  • Mean diameter
  • Dispersibility ratio
  • Volume fraction

Real Storage Conditions

The operating temperature range from 4 °C to 80 °C allows users to accelerate measurement time and/or observe destabilization processes that may occur under real storage conditions.

Turbiscan Stability Index (TSI) Scale

This provides a single value to rapidly assess and rank formulation stability, independently of occurring phenomena. It is now possible to evaluate sample stability with just one number.

Technical Features

Technology S-MLS 880 nm
Sample Cell Volume 4 or 20 mL
Temperature range 4 - 80 °C
Number of Samples 6
Maximum sample conc. 95% v/v
Measured size range 10 nm - 1 mm
Reproducibility / Repeatability 0.05% / 0.05%
Acquisition scan step 20 µm
Automatic samples recognition (bar-code) Yes
ISO Certification TR 13097 Compliant
Dimensions 35 x 45 x 90 cm
Weight 45 kg


Turbiscan - Monitor dispersions stability & size

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