New Product for Machining Aircraft Air Frame and Power Plant Parts

Master Chemical Corporation introduces a new product for the machining and grinding of aircraft air frame and power plant (A&P) parts and components. TRIM® C350 is the latest in a long series of TRIM® coolants including industry standards like Ti Grind, TRIM® Regular, TRIM® VHP® E200PW, and TRIM SOL® that fulfilled the needs of this special market. TRIM C350 has been designed from the ground up to assist in achieving the low residual stress and "0" corrosion, stain, and residue that is so necessary on air craft parts. These goals were accomplished without any compromises in the area of chemical content.

Extensive laboratory and field testing proves the efficacy of TRIM C350 in machining and grinding various air craft grades of titanium and aluminum. Using proprietary synthetic ester technology, C350 achieves remarkable machining performance without the use of conventional sulfur or chlorine based EP additives. C350's pH neutral and less than 100ppm total chloride working solutions provides superior corrosion and stain resistance on even the most sensitive alloys. Milton Hoff, Master Chemical's VP of Strategic Technology Development, comments, "TRIM C350 is compatible with all aerospace alloys including the very sensitive aluminum alloys, like the 7000 series aluminum alloys, which are very sensitive to staining─and C350 will not stain them." Another benefit, according to North American Sales Manager, John Jackowski, is the length of time the product lasts in the sump. "C350 runs clean with a lot less operator maintenance and lasts a very long time in the sump, which makes this a great cost savings for the manufacturer."

David Barned, Master Chemical's Product Manager, states, "TRIM C350 is the result of the convergence of several of Master Chemical's key strengths: an understanding of and a commitment to its long term aerospace customers, the desire to improve the manufacturing processes of our customers through innovative state-of-the-art metalworking fluids, and our management and ongoing commitment to products that are safe to use and have as little impact on the environment as possible."

When asked to describe TRIM C350 Mr. Barned said, "C350 is a premium synthetic cutting and grinding fluid tailored to the operational, health, safety, and environmental concerns, and requirements of the North American air frame and power plant manufacturers." As formulated it contains no: chlorine or sulfur based EP additives, petroleum oil, NPEs, silicone, nitrides, phenols, copper, triazine, or formaldehyde releasing chemistry and is PRTR compliant. Field testing shows that it foams very little and has great sump life with very low carryoff so it is a pleasure to work with and manage. "C350 will be a great fluid for the aerospace industry," said Mr. Hoff, "it won't generate foam under the high speed machining operations that are very common in the aerospace industry."

Master Chemical is one of the few metalworking suppliers who routinely employs an outside laboratory to do actual health and safety testing on its products. While all TRIM products are very safe to use, TRIM C350, because of its nearly neutral pH and careful formulation, achieved exceptional results and is judged to be very safe to use, both as a working solution and as concentrate.

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