3M Unit Detects EMI, RF and ESD

3M has released a new, universal test and measurement platform that offers a highly expandable, cost-reducing solution to manufacturers looking for accurate electrical event detection.

The new 3M EM Eye Meter from the 3M Electronic Solutions Division provides three devices in one unit. The meter consists of a base unit and three separate sensors for electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency (RF) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) detection. The modular design can save manufacturers money by allowing them to purchase the functionality they need, when they need it.

The EM Eye Meter instantly displays information on its color touch screen and logs data on an SD card. The 3M meter is the only known one of its kind currently on the market that offers a touch screen display, offering incomparable convenience and ease of use. The meter's hand-held size provides portability and allows manufacturers to check their control plans more often, potentially reducing production disruptions.

The ESD sensor identifies steps in the process where ESD events occur and verifies that ESD control methods are functioning as designed, helping to reduce the cost of controls and increase the speed of diagnosis. It also contains an ESD event counter that tracks the number of events above the set threshold and records discharge strength so that immediate, effective adjustments can be made.

The EMI sensor detects and measures transient signals, minimizing interference with normal operation of sensitive equipment. The RF sensor detects receptions of transmitted signals. The sensor provides for exceptional sensitivity and true RF input.

The EM Eye meter can be used in a broad range of manufacturing settings, including printed circuit boards, hard disk drives, defense and aerospace, medical equipment and semi-conductor. The meter is also a good fit for companies that install and manage mobile phone towers.


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