New Book on Mixing in Single Screw Extrusion

iSmithers Rapra Publishing has announced the release of Mixing in Single Screw Extrusion. Written by Martin Gale, a former Principal Consultant at Smithers Rapra, and the inventor of the cavity transfer mixer.

Most extruded plastics products contain additives and therefore mixing is involved at some stage during their production. Mixing is normally associated with twin screw extruders, and conversion to products associated with single screw extruders. Consequently, the latter's potential mixing performance and economic gains tend to be overlooked. This book treats the subject in more detail, particularly with regard to present day economics.

The idea that mixing in conventional single screw extruders can easily be substandard for the application is illustrated in the book's first chapter which describes a number of real examples of inadequate mixing. The book then goes on to explain why these typical shortcomings occur and the application of mixing principles along with various practical approaches to eliminating such problems.

With the growing pressures to increase the amount of plastics recycling, both the limitations and success in blending the mainly incompatible polymer combinations are explained.

The development of 'add-on' cavity mixers and floating ring mixers, together with their methodology are described, whilst the associated innovative techniques using liquid injection of colours, tackifiers, lubricants, crosslinking agents and foaming agents, (particularly carbon dioxide) are included. Developments in controlled levels of blending by 'chaotic mixing' to produce products with very specific properties such as barrier films is briefly described.

Extrusion tests for carbon black dispersion are included and the book concludes with a practical guide to the preparation of microtomed plastics specimens for evaluation by optical microscopy.

Mixing in Single Screw Extrusion is a must-have practical guide to the subject of single screw extrusion. It is aimed at a wide spectrum of expertise and experience, including engineers, chemists, plant operators and quality controllers. As a consequence this book avoids mathematical theory, except when absolutely necessary, and concentrates on the results instead. This authoritative handbook empowers the reader to achieving good results with their plastic mixing, making this a valuable resource to all involved in the art of plastic extrusion.


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