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Bayer MaterialScience Relies on the Labeling System of Bayer Technology Services Worldwide

Bayer MaterialScience (BMS) is the next company to define the logistics software LEXSY LabelPrint from Bayer Technology Services (BTS) as a global standard. Further to the existing installations in Europe and Asia, BMS's operations in North America are now also being connected. Expansion to include the U.S. and Canadian label standards WHMIS and OSHA is in preparation. BMS's operations in Brazil will also be connected by the end of 2009, followed by production facilities in other countries. "We chose LEXSY LabelPrint as our standard labeling software solution worldwide, because it combines maximum flexibility in product labeling with minimum costs. This standard software - with its multi-lingual user interface - will replace all the existing proprietary solutions worldwide," said Kurt De Ruwe, BMS-Chief Information Officer. A further advantage of LEXSY LabelPrint is that the new version supports the UN's globally harmonized Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GHS), which was ratified in December 2008. LANXESS is using this system already.

LEXSY LabelPrint was developed by BTS and optimized to meet the stringent requirements placed on industrial product labeling and product tracking in the logistics environment. The software supports all product labeling tasks, including product labels, hazardous goods and biocide labels as well as delivery and customer labels with any kind of barcodes. The labels are printed just-in-time using desktop printers (thermal transfer or laser printers) or automatic labeling systems. This is what sets LEXSY LabelPrint apart from pure labeling software.

Label data is either imported from the ERP system in the form of packaging or delivery requests or entered manually. At the time of printing, the data are combined with the requisite languages in line with national hazardous goods and transportation regulations and printed on a single label in a very cost-effective process. This eliminates both the costly storage of individual preprinted labels and the disposal of invalid labels. What's more, using fewer types of label paper cuts procurement and storage costs considerably. Extremely flexible label data management in line with customer requirements is another key reason for the success of LEXSY LabelPrint.

LEXSY LabelPrint forms part of the BTS LEXSY software suite that automates all the logistics processes from bottling and packaging through to storage and delivery as the interface between ERP and the operating systems, e.g. filling and packaging systems, materials handling technology, weighing equipment, palletizing and labeling systems, and order picking and delivery facilities.

BTS will be showcasing its LEXSY Logistics Execution System at the German Logistics Congress organized by the German Logistics Association (BVL) in Berlin from October 20 to 23, 2009 and at a customer event in Frankfurt on December 1, 2009, to name just two of the forthcoming events.

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