Leading Materials Testing Software gets New Enhancements

Zwick Roell's testXpert sets the standard for intelligent materials testing by providing a uniform operating concept for all applications. It has now been further enhanced by a range of new features, as seen at this year's testXpo international testing forum (19th-22nd October 2009).

The new version of test software testXpert® II V3.2 with user interface for touch operation provides efficient, convenient interactive operation.

Operator interface for touch-operation
The new testXpert II touch interface provides interactive operation via a PC mounted directly on the testing machine and adjustable for operator comfort. Navigation optimized for touch-PCs combined with efficient parameter input via an integrated alphanumeric panel provide a significant reduction in operator workload, particularly for simple tests.

Speech output
The ideal complement to touch-PC operation, testXpert II speech output actively guides the user through the test sequence.

From the start of the test the operator receives all essential information on the test sequence and is actively prompted to any required user actions, such as 'attach extensometer', and can also be informed of results determined online. Easily integrated customized texts provide operator prompts for defined actions, even after the test (e.g. guidelines for disposal of specimen remains).

Fast configuration through intelligent default allocations
Operation has been greatly simplified for many testXpert II functions by intelligent, logical default allocations, including generating reports in PDF format with one mouse-click, specimen and series-specific default reports and fully pre-configured export interfaces for Word, Excel, ASCII data export and long-term evaluations. Naturally all default allocations can be quickly and individually matched to customers' individual requirements.

Materials testing visualization
This new function enables a visual record of the test arrangement used for a particular test to be stored via a photograph or video. These images and videos are generated with one click of a button and are administered in their own layout, which is integrated into the Test Program. This provides the user with important information on the required test arrangement, particularly useful when a wide range of test arrangements are in use.

It is also possible to store specimen-specific images, for example if the failure image is also to be documented. Again, one button click is all that is needed for automatic recording and allocation to the specimen.

The new version also enables videos from high-speed cameras (as well as from web cameras and camcorders) to be integrated in testXpert II and synchronized perfectly with the curve graphics.

Automatic SMS dispatch
It is often necessary for the operator to be notified of the end of a long-term test. Arranging an automatic SMS (with individual text) is easy with the new 'SMS message' option: simply input the telephone number and required text into the prepared parameters.

Electronic signature
The electronic signature is ideal for use with the Expanded Traceability option. The medical industry in particular requires verification of test parameter changes and authorization of changes. In this case the electronic signature feature replaces the signature on a document with a digital signature in testXpert II, enabling the customer to meet all requirements for fulfilling FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Option: universal connection of HBM measurement amplifiers
This option allows connection of HBM MGC+, Spider and Quantum X measurement amplifiers. All channels are synchronized, with a data transfer rate of up to 2000Hz, allowing data from each channel (e.g. from strain gages) to be read into testXpert II.

testXpert II and Windows 7
The current version of testXpert II V3.1 is released for the new Windows 7 Microsoft operating system with immediate effect, allowing customers to change directly to Windows 7 if required.


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