Wirelessly Transmit Infared Camera Images Using MeterLink

FLIR has launched a new product called MeterLink which connects your infrared camera with selected Extech meters via Bluetooth, wirelessly transmitting essential meter readings directly on your infrared images. This is now available through Pyrosales!!!

Meterlink is a FLIR industry-first technology! With this new technology you can:

  • Greatly improve your readings
  • Save time annotating readings
  • Eliminate errors

Other new features include:

  • Instant Reports - Generates PDF inspection reports on-the-go. Inspectors can easily assemble images and findings into a fully-formatted PDF report that can be given to a client at a job site via USB memory stick.
  • Bluetooth Voice Annotation - Connectivity to Bluetooth handsfree headsets. Inspectors can now connect a Bluetooth wireless headset to a FLIR infrared camera for easier recording of voice comments associated with their inspection
  • Copy-to-USB - Relocate images or reports directly to a USB memory stick. This increases customer convenience by primarily saving time and making the sharing of files between you and the customer that much easier as there is no need for a PC, USB cable, internet, or email.

Application - Electrical Inspections

As you already know FLIR cameras quickly locate any problems with electrical workings such as motors, fuses, wires and more. With Flir's new MeterLink this process is made much easier for the thermographer to quickly take electrical readings and instantly record them right on an infrared image.

MeterLink helps you

  • Calculate electrical problems in reports
  • Document energy-consumption insights
  • Add detail to load imbalance diagnostics


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