Trend Analysis on Titanium Dioxide Industry in China announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Survey of Titanium Dioxide in China-the Fifth Edition

At present, the production capacity of titanium dioxide in China accounts to 30.00% of the world capacity, with the total capacity and output of 1,986,000 t/a and 670,540 tonnes respectively in H1 2010. By H1 2010, there have been 63 active titanium dioxide producers in China. What's the detailed situation of titanium dioxide production in China?

In general, Chinese titanium dioxide industry has been regularly developing from 2006 to 2010. However, the domestic titanium dioxide market was hit by financial crisis broke out in 2008, how is Chinese titanium dioxide market during this period, and what are the major reasons for this situation? Meanwhile, some capacity expansion, new projects and merger take place, and some regulations are implemented in 2009 - 2010. What are the details? What is the influence on development of domestic titanium dioxide industry?

Titanium ore, sulfate, and high titanium slag are the major raw materials of titanium dioxide production. Among them, titanium ore supply is the key factor impacting on the operating rate of domestic titanium dioxide production, what is the operating rate of titanium dioxide in China at present? What is the raw material supply situation in China recently?

There are two main pathways to produce titanium dioxide at present, namely sulfate process and chloride process. Sulfate process is developed in China, but only one manufacturer adopts chloride process. Sulfate process is going to be outdated in overseas, while chloride process is more eco-friendly and welcome by Chinese government. What is future development of both processes in China?

As for consumption, China is the major consumption country of titanium dioxide, with total apparent consumption volume of 1,245,841 tonnes in 2009. Titanium dioxide is mainly consumed in coating, plastic, and papermaking industries, etc. What is the consumption pattern of titanium dioxide in 2010? Moreover, since the titanium dioxide is widely applied to many fields, some potential chemical can be substitutes for titanium dioxide, what are they?

Besides the aspects mentioned above, what other changes can be seen from 2006 to 2010? What will be the development trend of Chinese titanium dioxide industry in the future? Based on all these questions, CCM has updated the titanium dioxide report compiled in 2008.

In the 2010 edition, which combines CCM's 9-year expertise in titanium dioxide market research, aspects as follows can be expected:

  • With detail description and smart analysis on China's titanium dioxide industry, future investment opportunities may be found in the report or enlightened after reading the report.
  • With introduction to capacity and output, a clear picture of competitive landscape within the industry is available, that of foreign investors in particular.
  • Future forecast on China's titanium dioxide industry, by different scenarios.
  • The major producers' production cost analysis.
  • The import and export analysis.



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