New Sports Coupe to Feature Light Weight Plastic Panels Made from Sabic IP Materials

Chery Automobile's soon to be launched new A3CC sports coupe using SABIC Innovative Plastics' advanced materials solutions - is highlighted here at K 2010 in SABIC's stand - Hall 6, Stand D42. The sleek new sports car delivers high-end style and practical performance with the first Noryl GTX* resin front fenders used by a Chinese automotive OEM; a fuel filler door, also molded from Noryl GTX resin; light weight front and rear energy absorbers made from Xenoy* resin; and an undertray, molded from Stamax long glass-filled polypropylene (LGFPP) compound.

These multiple applications on the vehicle illustrate SABIC Innovative Plastics' breadth of materials technology expertise and demonstrate the environmental and performance benefits of its plastics for world-class auto motive design with broad appeal.

Chery Automobile Companies’ New A3CC Sports Coupe Featuring SABIC Innovative Plastics’ Noryl GTX*, Xenoy*, and Stamax® Resins.

"Our five-year collaboration with Chery on the A3CC was clearly a success and showcases the innovative nature of Chery and their design of a new vehicle with high-performance plastics," said Gregory A. Adams, vice president, Automotive, SABIC Innovative Plastics. "Our diverse and growing portfolio of resins enabled Chery's designers to create this exciting new convertible with plastic materials used in applications ranging from Class A fenders to structural components, and supports the company's goal of ultimately competing on a global scale."

Innovative Materials Spark Brilliant Design for the International Market

Chery recognized the crucial role of SABIC Innovative Plastics' materials innovation in pursuing its goal to be a global automotive leader. The upcoming introduction of the A3CC caps months of media attention, with comments that this new sports car promises to change the quality of design in China.

"We chose to collaborate with SABIC Innovative Plastics on the A3CC sports coupe because of the company's respected global reputation and capabilities; further benefiting from their excellent level of co-development support on this project," said Shen Haojie, executive director, second product development division, and A3CC program director, Chery Automobile Company, Ltd. "Providing high-performance materials was just the beginning. The SABIC Innovative Plastics team understood our needs, and provided materials, design, and tooling expertise to help us achieve our goals."

SABIC Innovative Plastics collaborated with Chery on three key applications that offer the potential for expanded use within a vehicle and also across other product lines.

  • Front fender: Chery is the first Chinese OEM to use conductive Noryl GTX resin for a mass-produced fender. Replacing steel body panels with Noryl GTX resin enabled Chery to cut fender weight by more than 50 percent vs. steel (1.37 kg vs. 2.80 kg) while delivering better low-speed impact durability than steel. Noryl GTX resin can be online painted along with the metal Body-In-White (BIW), avoiding the need for secondary operations and ensuring a perfect color match. Further, this conductive resin does not require a primer step prior to painting.
  • Fuel-filler door: This part is traditionally molded and painted by the component supplier, potentially causing color mismatches with the body. Molding this part from Noryl GTX resin enables it to be painted online along with the rest of the BIW. This streamlined approach avoids quality issues and enhances aesthetics.
  • Energy absorbers and undertray: The A3CC's front bumper will incorporate an energy absorber made with Xenoy resin and an undertray molded with Stamax LGFPP compound. These components - which meet European Union (EU) 2003/102/EC Phase II lower leg pedestrian protection requirements and Economic Community of Europe (ECE) and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) impact test requirements for low speed vehicle damageability - form a globally compliant bumper system. The rear bumper system will also incorporate an energy absorber made with Xenoy resin, and meets ECE and FMVSS low-speed vehicle damageability requirements.

Overall benefits from SABIC Innovative Plastics' materials include weight-out for energy efficiency, part consolidation, design flexibility and system cost reduction from online painting.

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