SABIC Achieves Responsible Care Certification for Seven US Sites

SABIC is continuing its commitment to deliver value through safe and sustainable practices across its operations by achieving certification under the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care program® for seven sites in SABIC’s Innovative Plastics business.

Joe Castrale, General Manager of the SABIC Mount Vernon Manufacturing Site, raises the Responsible Care® flag after upon achieving certification.

This certification builds on SABIC’s global commitment to maintaining high standards throughout its operations , instilling a culture of continuous improvement that can benefit all of its stakeholders, from suppliers to customers, and from employees to the communities where SABIC operates. This company-wide commitment is based on using resources more efficiently; tracking, reducing and reporting on environmental performance; improving processes, managing chemicals safely; engaging stakeholders and managing their expectations; and supporting national and local governance processes. Achieving Responsible Care certification at these U.S. sites is a further demonstration that SABIC is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen.

This recent RC14001 certification achieved by SABIC’s U.S. sites is an option of ACC’s Responsible Care program that allows member companies to simultaneously achieve third party registration to both Responsible Care and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) Standard. RC14001 is an internationally recognized standard of excellence among chemical manufacturing companies.

“SABIC is grateful to be recognized for our ongoing commitment to instilling the culture of continuous improvement that comes with being a Responsible Care company. We will continue to work tirelessly to drive continuous improvement in EHSS performance for facilities, processes and products throughout the entire operating system at our seven recognized sites across the U.S.,” said John Wood, EHSS Director, Americas Region, SABIC. “In addition to making great strides in these key elements of the program, as a company, we are also committed to open and transparent reporting of our ongoing progress toward meeting performance measurement goals. There is always room for improvement and SABIC will continue to strive to fulfill its commitment to making people’s lives healthier and safer, whether it be with employees, customers or the communities in which we operate.”

SABIC's Innovative Plastics business received RC14001 certification for its U.S. headquarters in Pittsfield, Mass as well as six other manufacturing sites, including Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Burkville, Ala.; Mount Vernon, Ind.; Ottawa, Ill.; Selkirk, N.Y.; and Washington, W.Va.

In addition to this achievement, the ACC also recognized SABIC facilities’ continued effort in energy saving programs with eight 2012 Responsible Care® Awards at their 21st Annual Responsible Care Conference and Expo. SABIC was honored in the Energy Efficiency category earning accolades for its facilities across the U.S. as well as receiving three Safety certificates.

Measurable Achievements in Energy Efficiency

SABIC received six Energy Efficiency awards for projects at five separate manufacturing sites. Reducing energy usage is an important part of being a responsible corporate citizen. The combined energy savings of the recognized projects amount to 468,000 MMBtus annually, which could power more than 12,000 average American homes for a year. The emissions reduction savings of these combined programs equals 26,433 metric tons, equivalent to taking nearly 5,100 cars off the road.

Energy Efficiency Awards won by SABIC:

  • The Mount Vernon, Ind. site was recognized for its phenol unit process heat recovery/heat integration system commissioned in November 2012. The new system is saving the site 256,000 MMBtus of energy per year and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 13,616 metric tons per year.
  • The recent boiler upgrade project at the Ottawa, Ill. site was recognized for the innovative use of a condensing economizer along with a current technology boiler design. The upgrade saves 149,073 MMBtus of energy per year and reduces greenhouse emissions by 7,928 metric tons per year.
  • The Washington, W. Va. site was recognized in two categories: the Environmental Improvement category for reduced water consumption by 200 million gallons per year, and the Significant Improvement in Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing category for re-purposing equipment switching to smaller blowers in the Waste Water plant, saving 1,435 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.
  • The Selkirk, N.Y. site received a non- manufacturing energy improvement category award for a comprehensive lighting retrofit upgrade completed in 2012, incorporating state of the art controls with new light bulb and fixture technology across the facility. Not only did the program result in significant energy savings (55,550 MMBtus per year) but it also made the workplace more enjoyable, boosting employee morale, improving housekeeping and decreasing workplace injuries.
  • The Burkville, Ala. site received an Environmental Improvement category award for its reduced electricity usage through a dramatic 7% decrease in water intensity and water pumping costs


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