Anton Paar Releases The Next Generation Of The Revetest® Scratch Tester: The Industrial Standard For The Characterization Of Hard-Coated Materials

Anton Paar presents the new and third generation of the renowned Revetest® Scratch Tester RST3 to the market. The new, even more compact design, is a big plus especially in the quality control of hard coatings, where the instrument is most extensively applied. A further new feature of the RST³ is the automatic detection of critical loads, which is unique for scratch testers.

Based on Anton Paar’s unmatched experience in scratch testing, the Revetest® Scratch Tester RST3 has been developed for evaluating hard coatings with a typical coating thickness of several microns. The RST³ is capable of applying forces in the range 0.5 to 200 N to test the adhesion, cohesion and structural integrity of modern coatings.

Such coatings may be organic, inorganic, used for magnetic and decorative applications, including CVD, PECVD, PVD, metallization and passivation layers, or friction and wear protective coatings. The substrates used can be refractive and organic materials, minerals, glasses, semiconductors, alloys and metals.

Developed with all-new onboard electronics, the RST3 is more compact and more suited to Quality Control (QC) laboratory environments. The simultaneous release of the latest software (V7.3) allows the user to automatically detect the critical load based on a threshold on all the optional sensors (penetration depth, acoustic emission or friction force). This feature makes the Anton Paar RST3 the first scratch tester with automatic detection of critical loads.

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