Nathan Trotter Introduces NT100Ge Alloy as Replacement for SN100C®

Nathan Trotter announces that they have introduced a new line of solder products, NT100Ge, which they will offer as a replacement for SN100C® now that the related patent has expired.

Produced using the same chemical composition as the solder alloy marketed as SN100C® by Nihon Superior Sha Co., Ltd. and its licensees, NT100Ge is a high-quality, low-cost alternative to silver-bearing solder. The eutectic tin-copper-nickel alloy creates a shiny, smooth, robust interconnect for a wide range of electronics assembly requirements. With a melting temperature of 441 °F, NT100Ge is compatible with all wave and selective solder equipment. Similar to the effect of phosphorous in Sn63 alloys, the small addition of Germanium in NT100Ge serves as a de-oxidant, which keeps drossing to a minimum. For PCB fabrication applications such as the hot air solder leveling (HASL) process during which copper levels increase, NT100GeX provides a low-copper solder solution. NT100Ge can be used as a drop-in replacement for any existing 99C or SN100C® solder bath, without the need for pot dumps or swaps.

Once NT100Ge is in use, Nathan Trotter offers free, unlimited solder analysis to help maintain J-STD specifications and an optimal soldering process. NT100Ge is available as extruded 1 kg tri-bar, 7 lb. feeder bar, and solid wire on spools.

As the largest importer of tin in North America, Nathan Trotter offers industry-best pricing and flexible purchasing programs. Nathan Trotter also offers a leading-edge solder recycling program through its reclaim division, Tin Technology and Refining (, which provides customers with maximum value for their solder scrap including dross and oxide, pot dumpings, paste and solder debris. Reclaim material can be exchanged for new solder or payment, enabling customers to reduce raw material costs in an environmentally responsible way.

The Technical Data Sheet for NT100Ge can be found here:


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