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Hardware and Software Tools Enable Research and Analysis

Piscataway, NJ April 3, 2024 - HORIBA Instruments Inc., global leader in Raman spectroscopy for over 50 years, is proud to announce the launch of their dedicated product solutions to address the impacts of microplastics on the environment and life forms.

Microplastics are rapidly becoming an urgent issue due to their increasing proliferation and, still underestimated, but real dangers for the environment and humans. As a result, more countries are taking the issue seriously, with many regulations being published to restrict the use of plastics, a source of microplastics, in our daily life.

The California Water Board published "Policy Handbook Establishing a Standard Method of Testing and Reporting Microplastics in Drinking Water," in 2022, along with the "Standard Operating Procedures for Extraction and Measurement" by Infrared and Raman spectroscopy of Microplastics in Drinking Water.”  The California State Government is now seeking to establish accreditation requirements for laboratories in microplastics analysis. In other words, only the results from qualified laboratories will be accepted when monitoring microplastics in drinking water, which C&EN reported that “California's government will become the first in the world to require” by the end of 2023.

"Horiba has made a corporate commitment to address the issue of microplastics and their impact on our environment," stated Dr. Li Yan, Raman Product Line manager at HORIBA. "Our scientists, products, knowledgebase, and expertise position us to provide full solutions to our customers in support of their efforts in their field."

Leveraging its experience and knowledge in this field, HORIBA has developed a complete solution that supports microplastic researchers at all levels, in both the academic and industrial fields, to analyze microplastics. HORIBA has dedicated a web page to offer easy access to these new materials. The content will be updated as regulations evolve, to ensure that all HORIBA customers are fully aware and compliant with the new rules. Visit and bookmark:

  • Microplastic e-Booklet: Provides an overview of the microplastics world to fill any knowledge gaps, explains and details the protocols for sample preparation, summarizes the measurement techniques available, evaluates and their pros and cons, and offers tricks and tips for microplastic analysis. The booklet will be updated twice a year with new protocols, information, etc.
  • Filtration Kit: Filtration apparatus to get your microplastic analysis started.
    • Filter and Filter Holder: A box of Silicon filters with a holder specifically developed and optimized for efficient analysis of these square filters.
  • Video Raman Matching with nanoGPS technology to confidently locate even the smallest particles, between two microscopes and modalities.
  • Raman Microscopes: 2 Raman microscope platforms, customized for quick microplastics analysis (XploRATM and LabRAMTM Soleil).
  • Software solution: ParticleFinderTM dedicated software, offering a user-friendly tool for automated location, size and shape characterization, spectral identification (with the NEW IDFinder), statistics, and report generation.
  • Microplastic Standards: A set of tablets containing a mixture of polymer particles (PVC, …) of known size distribution and number to validate your lab environment and workflow.


Founded in 1953, HORIBA has explored a wide range of unique measurement and analysis technologies to meet global customer needs from group companies and local sites spread across 29 counties and regions. Under the corporate motto Joy and Fun, the company has expanded and refined its core technologies to solve society’s energy issues of today and tomorrow. Our unique measurement and analysis technologies are valued in various fields of society including the three megatrend business fields of Energy & Environment, Biology & Healthcare and Materials & Semiconductor. For more information on HORIBA, visit


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