Zwick Electro-Mechanical Testing Machines Provide Versatile Testing Solutions

Recent sales of Zwick’s electro-mechanical testing actuator have provided unique solutions for customers carrying out diverse mechanical testing. For example, in the automotive industry it has been used to test seat head rests, foams, steering columns, gearshifts, brake pedal assemblies, switches, connectors, and solenoids. In the medical industry components such as needles and bone have been successfully evaluated, whilst for sporting equipment the system has carried out tests on skis, and snowboards.

This wide variety of tests is possible due to a truly impressive specification, and a reliable testing system based on many core components from the Zwick Roell Group product portfolio. Boasting a speed range from 0.001 mm/min up to 30,000 mm/min, a force range from 0.1mN up to 30kN, standard displacements of 200 or 400mm, and a positioning accuracy down to ±2µm, the EM Actuator is the obvious solution for many different and complex testing applications.

testControl, Zwick’s standard electronic platform for controlling testing systems is used for controlling the system and for data acquisition. As well as enabling real time digital control of the testing system, including control mode changes during the test, it also allows data to be gathered from the tester and analysed with Zwick’s testXpert® software. First launched in 1995 this software system goes from strength to strength providing customers with flexibility, and ease of use, combined with reliability and precision. Whether used for standardised test methods or completely customized sequences, testXpert, and particularly the Graphic Sequence Editor, has become the software of choice for discerning customers who require complex and non standard test methods but want to concentrate on the test data and their core activities rather than spending unnecessary time writing low level software code.

The electro-mechanical testing actuator is quite unique as it can be directly assembled, at any angle, into a production line and controlled via dedicated I/O control systems, or it can be used in stand-alone mode with a dedicated test stand. In addition it can be fitted to any standard Zwick universal test frame thereby adding an additional test axis for tests which require side loads, e.g. steering column testing etc. All standard Zwick attachments such as load cells, gripping systems etc. can easily be attached.

The electro-mechanical actuator lends itself to clean room conditions as it requires no oil, pump, or pneumatic systems. It simply connects to the single or 3-phase electrical power supply system. It is perfectly suited to customers who are looking for affordable component testing systems with outstanding flexibility and performance, and requiring little or no maintenance.


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