Driver Friendly Polymer-Based Lamp Posts

The Thermopole is a new polymer based lamp post developed to reduce the risk to motorists in a collision. The polymeric lamp posts have been designed to be able to absorb much of the force, reducing the amount of force absorbed by the car and driver.

The design team which set out to design a lamp post which was not only safer in the event of a collision, but could also withstand the elements, including high winds, have also managed to produce prototypes which are stronger than steel, recyclable and maintenance free.

Despite their strength and ability to withstand harsh conditions, the lamp posts buckle on impact. This is thanks to a convenient weakness the designers have turned to their advantage. By strategically positioning the access hatch, the lamp posts can hinge when impacted by a vehicle.

The lamp posts are made from glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite materials, making them cheaper to produce compared to similar fibreglass materials that use polyester resins. Furthermore, they are more environmentally friendly as they can be recycled.

The development of the safe lamp posts has been so successful that the developers have established a spin off company ‘Safecomp’ to develop and market the lamp posts to councils and authorities.

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