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A scanning electron microscope or SEM is a microscope that uses electrons instead of light to form an image. Since their development in the early 1950's, scanning electron microscopes have developed new areas of study in the medical and physical science communities. The SEM has allowed researchers to examine a much bigger variety of specimens.
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Featured Equipment
The Phenom Pro is Phenom-World’s high-end imaging desktop SEM. In combination with a large range of sample-holders and automated system software, it can be tailored to suit a multitude of applications.
Other Equipment
A scanning electron microscope’s tightly focused electron beam behaves like a radiating dipole source at the electron impact position.
The Phenom ProX desktop SEM is the ultimate all-in-one imaging and X-ray analysis system. With the ProX, sample structures can be physically examined and their elemental composition determined.
Carl Zeiss offers Shuttle & Find which is a correlative microscopy interface for light and electron microscopes and is suitable for materials analysis.
Since its introduction in 2005, the Titan's superior product design and proven ability to deliver ground-breaking results have made it the preferred scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) of leading researchers around the world.
The FEI Talos™ is a 200kV scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) that delivers fast, precise, quantitative characterization of nanomaterials in multiple dimensions. Designed from the ground up to be an entirely new TEM experience, FEI’s Talos F200 accelerates nanoscale discovery for everyone by delivering high quality S/TEM images and fast analytical data acquisition — all from an easy to use, automated operating platform.
For both the Phenom™ Pure and Phenom Pro, a large variety of sample holders is available in order to extend the sample acceptance. These holders are designed for optimizing sample loading speed and guarantee the fastest time to image available in the market.
Serial block face scanning electron microscopy is capable of enabling 3D reconstruction of large tissue volumes, however it involves complications such as an inherent restriction on the axial resolution. The Teneo VS™ SEM is a new serial block face imaging solution that is designed to ease these restrictions.
Every sample has its own specific demands. The shape of some samples requires flexible manipulation to obtain optimum imaging results. Samples can contain lines, holes, multi-layer structures or other specific features.
The QUANTAX EBSD analysis system from Bruker is a multi-purpose, easy to use tool for users of all levels.
QUANTAX Micro-XRF with the XTrace micro-spot X-ray source adds the features of a total micro-XRF spectrometer to a SEM.
The SIGMA, featuring the unique and proven GEMINI® technology from Carl Zeiss, provides outstanding imaging and analytical results from a field emission microscope with the capability to handle all material types. Material analysis at high resolution is provided by the class leading X-ray geometry for both energy and wavelength dispersive spectroscopy (EDS and WDS).
Bruker's Micro computed tomography (Micro-CT) for SEM is a high resolution, 3D X-ray imaging method suitable for small scale applications. In this 3D microscopy, the internal structure of the objects or sample is imaged at high resolution in a non-destructive way.
The Phenom XL scanning electron microscope (SEM) sets a new benchmark in compact desktop SEM performance. It offers the same ease-of-use and fast time-to-image features of other Phenom systems, and is integrated with a chamber that aids in analyzing large samples of up to 100x 100mm.
The V400ACE™ focused ion beam (FIB) system is a blend of the latest advancements in gas delivery, ion column design and end point detection to provide rapid, efficient and economical editing on superior integrated circuits.
The QUANTAX WDS features the XSense spectrometer. This high accuracy instrument includes sophisticated detector technology and offers several excellent benefits.
The Temperature Controlled Sample Holder is able to control the temperature by cooling or heating the sample and therefore influence the humidity around it. This minimizes the charging effect of the electron beam and vacuum damage to the sample.
The MIRA3 LM is a PC-controlled FE SEM manufactured by TESCAN and provides customers flicker-free digital image with excellent clarity and superior optical properties. This instrument can be adapted for both high vacuum and low vacuum operations.
VEGA3 LM from TESCAN is a fully PC controlled SEM designed to handle both high vacuum and low vacuum operations. It is provided with a traditional tungsten heated cathode, and allows 3D measurements on a reconstructed surface using 3D metrology software.
In the life science field, the SECOM platform can be used for quickly and easily combining electron and light microscopy.
Delphi is the first completely integrated solution in the world, which facilitates rapid correlative microscopy with distinct overlay precision.
Renishaw offers the Structural and Chemical Analyser (SCA), which benefits from the structural, chemical and electronic information obtained from optical spectroscopy, while observing the sample with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) or using energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS).
The Aspex Extreme is a compact elemental analyzer, which can provide the power of other competitive SEM. The instrument is very different from SEM-EDX systems currently on the market, which are applied in jet engine preventative maintenance.
The 3View® system provides high resolution imaging of a wide variety of in situ samples in 3D and offers high throughput.
Hitachi offers the SU5000 Schottky field-emission SEM that has redefined SEM operation. The EM Wizard is an advanced computer-assisted technology that provides a new level of SEM operation and control.
Tescan’s LYRA3 XM is a Schottky field emission cathode integrated SEM that is fully controlled by PC. It is combined with gallium Focused Ion Beam (FIB) column and an optional Gas Injection System (GIS).
The variable pressure SEM, Hitachi S-3700N has a specimen chamber that can handle specimen sizes up to 300mm in diameter and 110mm in height at analytical working distance of 10mm.
WITec has designed a sophisticated and reliable scanning near-field optical microscope called alpha300 S. The instrument includes an atomic force microscope (AFM, ), a scanning near-field optical microscope (SNOM), and a confocal microscope (CM) in a single instrument. Users can select AFM, CM or SNOM by simply rotating the objective turret.
The Phenom Pure desktop SEM is an ideal tool for the transition from light optical to electron microscopes. It is the most economical solution for high-resolution imaging, providing the best imaging results in its class.
The latest generation of QUANTAX EDS for SEM features a broad range of active areas from 10 to 100 mm² and slim line technology for the XFlash® 6 detector series.
The Merlin FEG SEM is the flagship FESEM of the Zeiss product line. It is designed to specifically handle rapid sample loading, high-resolution SEM imaging, and high-end analytical work using EDS and EBSD.
Metallurgical and materials science studies can considerably benefit from directly observing specimen heating within the scanning electron microscope.
The OPTIMUS™ detector head from Bruker is designed as an additional, interchangable detector head for their e-flash EBSD detector range. It provides the ideal geometric conditions to perform Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD) in the scanning electron microscope (SEM).
Phenom World’s Delphi is an instrument designed to handle rapid correlative microscopy with unique overlay precision. It is the first fully integrated solution in the world for the said purpose.
FERA3 XM from Tescan is a fully automated SEM integrated with Schottky field emission cathode, Xe plasma focused ion beam (i-FIB) column, and an optional gas injection system (GIS).
In combination with the Phenom desktop SEM, the Fibermetric application allows you to produce accurate size information from micro and nano fiber samples.
The FEI Quanta family includes six variable-pressure and environmental scanning electron microscopes (ESEM), all of which can accommodate multiple sample and imaging requirements for industrial process control labs, materials science labs and life science labs.
TESCAN offers TIMA, a fully-automated, high throughput SEM that measures parameters like size-by-size liberation, mineral association, and modal abundance in minerals processing and mining industries.
WITec’s RISE microscope integrates the alpha300 confocal Raman imaging and all the features of a stand-alone scanning electron microscope (SEM) in a single instrument. Through RISE microscopy, ultra-structural surface properties can be connected to molecular compound data.