Welding Curtains – The Benefits

In a welding area, it can be very dangerous if the right safety measures are not observed. While there are several products that can be used for safety purposes within a welding area, one of the most successful and versatile is welding curtains.

This article briefly discusses some of the advantages of using a welding curtain in a welding environment.

Create Defined Welding Area

In certain circumstances, the welding environment may not be a permanent fixture and one must be able to rapidly set up and move the welding area. This flexibility is provided by welding curtains, as they can be easily set up and customized as needed.

The use of welding curtains also does not limit the size of the welding area, as one can cordon an area as small or as big as required. In addition, these blankets are available in a variety of colors to ensure that they are distinct.


The first step to ensure the safety of the welder and other employees around the area is to create a well-defined welding area. Although the welder will be wearing the correct safety gear, including heat resistant clothing and eye protection, people outside of the area are more prone to a number of different injuries. For instance, the bright light emitted by the weld can cause severe damage to vision if looked at directly and therefore, welding curtains can provide a barrier to avert this incident.

During weld sparks, molten metal and flames can splatter and fall periodically, so if there is no welding curtain, anyone in the proximity of the welding area can possibly get injured.

Air Flow

During a weld, harmful fumes and chemicals can be produced. As welding curtains do not keep the environment rigid and closed, fumes are able to flow through.

In case the weld takes place in a small box room with no ventilation, the fumes may overwhelm the welders even if they are wearing a safety mask.

Noise Reduction

Welding can generate a significant amount of noise pollution, as it is basically grinding metal. This is why welders wear ear protection, but this protection may not be available to people outside of the welding area.

Welding curtains act as a barrier between the welding area noise and anyone outside it, minimizing the risk of ear damage and overall irritation to employees working nearby.

Welding Curtains from Mid-Mountain

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. produces a selection of heat-resistant fabrics that can be used for welding curtains. The products from the ARMATEX®, SILTEX®, and HYTEX® ranges are available in various configurations to suit a range of applications.

For more information about the range of fabrics for use in welding curtains, customers can contact Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc

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