Tradeshow Talks with LC Tech- analytica 2018

Tradeshow Talks With LC TechHall A2 Booth 400

Tell us about the company and why you are attending analytica 2018?

We are offering systems for automated sample cleanup, for food, feed, and environmental samples and we are here because it's one of the biggest analytical exhibitions and it is a good way to focus on our customers.

What products are you highlighting at analytica 2018?

We have two products that we are focusing on, the first is the Freestar system, a very modular system that you can equip with modules and build it yourself so the system that matches your applications that you need so for solid phase extraction or for evaporation, or you combine that and can do an online solid face extraction with evaporation. The other key product is called Dextage part of the Dextage family, it's a clean-up system for dioxins and PCBs a system for automated solid face extraction for large volume samples, water samples.

What makes you different from the other companies in this market?

We stand out from our competitors as our equipment is made in Germany, the full systems, so they're really robust, almost no maintenance, really reliable and because of this they produce very good results at the end. We have some new products that really stand out, for example for the sample clean-up for the dioxin analysis, we've got a system that can process 16 samples in one sequence, unattended and overnight and nobody else can do that. They are also very simple, we have one system that is modular, so you have one piece of software for all modules so once you have learnt to handle the software, it's the same for every module, that could be a solid phase extraction or evaporation or gas immersion. There are a lot of safety features in this system, for example, you can't open the door if there are any mechanical movements inside, there is a leak detection, a waste level detection.

Which industries are you targetting at Analytica?

We are mainly focussing on food and feed and in this sector we have microtoxin analysis, pesticide analysis, or dioxin and PCB analysis, for all these sectors we are focusing on the clean-up process. However for some aspects of these areas we are looking at automation, from the complete automation out of a raw extract to the final formatted chromatogram.

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