Specially Formulated Pressure Sensitive Adhesives - How to Use Them

The SynapTek GridStick™ Adhesive is a pressure sensitive adhesive, specially formulated to ensure the grids are held on the SynapTek™ Sticks during staining procedures. Once the adhesive is cured, the adhesiveness will remain even when immersed in organic solvents for a short time. It is available in 5 ml containers with an expected shelf life of six months to a year. One bottle is sufficient for about 150 to 200 GridStick™ coatings. It is recommended that an applicator be used for coating (not included).

How to Coat a Grid Stick

Items needed:

  1. Grid Sticks
  2. Applicator (toothpick or small brush)
  3. SynapTek™ staining pipettes
  4. A Pyrex petri dish (optional)
  5. An oven capable of reaching a temperature of 150 °C
  6. GridStick™ Adhesive

GridStick™ Adhesive

The tip of an applicator is dipped into the adhesive after opening the GridStick™ Adhesive bottle. The adhesive is gently applied onto the notched side of the GridStick™ over the length of the slot and between each slot, ensuring it does not get on the underside or on the end of the GridStick™. The GridStick™ Adhesive is allowed to dry in a clean, dust-free area for 20 minutes. After drying, the GridSticks™ are placed on a Pyrex petri dish with the top edge resting on the glass rim and the uncoated side facing down, so that the adhesive does not stick to the petri dish. The coated uncured stick can also be placed in a SynapTek™ pipette, ensuring that it is marked so that it is not accidentally used for staining. The petri dish or pipette with the GridSticks™ are placed in a 150 ºC oven for 5–10 minutes. After removing from the oven, it should be allowed to cool for at least 10 minutes prior to use.

Accumulation of dirt on its surface is the main reason for the loss of GridStick™ adhesion. Hence, it is important to store the coated unused GridSticks™ in a clean, dust-free environment, such as capped pipettes. For staining, the instructions supplied with the GridStick™ Kit should be followed.

If the GridStick™ Adhesive is too thick or sticky for the grids, it may be diluted in the bottle with xylene. To increase its viscosity back up again, the cap may be removed for 20 minutes or more to allow the xylene to evaporate. The GridStick™ Adhesive may be removed from the GridSticks™ by soaking in xylene for a day. The GridSticks™ can be cleaned by soaking in xylene or 99% isopropanol and wiping with lens paper. The cleaned GridSticks™ can be recoated using the same procedure described above.

Ordering information

Product No. Description
155 SynapTek GridStick™ Kit, includes: 5 coated GridSticks, 10 Pipettes, 2 flow-limiting plugs
155-1 SynapTek GridStick™ Kit, pkg/5 kits
155-5 Replacement GridSticks™, pkg/10
155-7 Replacement Pipettes, pkg/20
155-9 GridStick™ Adhesive, 5 ml bottle

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