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What are the Current Methodologies of Distillation Analysis?

In this interview, AZoM talks to Thomas Herold, Product Manager at PAC LP, about how atmospheric distillation can be measured following the well-known test method ASTM D86 / ISO 3405 or with the Micro Distillation test method ASTM D7345.

What are the current methods for atmospheric distillation analysis?

Atmospheric distillation can be measured following the well-known test method ASTM D86 / ISO 3405 or with the Micro Distillation test method ASTM D7345

What are the benefits of Micro Distillation?

Microdistillation acc. ASTM D7345 is characterized by its high precision and the excellent correlation to the reference method ASTM D86. Further advantages are very small sample volume of only 10 ml and fast results within 10 minutes. The micro distillation process is true physical distillation, which means it is much better correlated to ASTM D86 than any simulated or modelled distillation curves.

What is the physical principle of Micro Distillation?

The micro-distillation method, which is based on fundamental thermodynamic dependencies, consists in measuring vapor and liquid temperature, together with monitoring the pressure inside a special micro-distillation flask as the sample distils under atmospheric pressure. During the distillation cycle, the measured vapor pressure characterizes the vapor flow-rate through the capillary in the flask side arm, which can be used to calculate the distillation volume and the distillation rate during the gas phase of the sample. Therefore, micro distillation does not require precise temperature for the sample charge volume or for the condensate temperature in the measuring cylinder.

What does PAC LP offer for atmospheric distillation?

PAC offers the PMD 110 lab micro distillation analyser, the OptiDist, considered the industry’s benchmark in atmospheric distillation; and the MicroDist, for online micro distillation analysis.

Herzog OptiDist

What type of materials does Micro Distillation work with?

Because micro distillation determines the characteristics of petroleum products with boiling points between 20°C and 400°C at atmospheric pressure, it is ideal for light and middle distillates, automotive spark-ignition engine fuels, automotive spark-ignition engine fuels containing up to 20% ethanol, aviation gasolines, aviation turbine fuels, regular and low-sulphur diesel fuels, biodiesel blends up to 20% FAME, 100% FAME samples, special petroleum spirits, naphtha, white spirits, kerosene, burner fuels, and marine fuels.

Is Micro Distillation accepted as alternative to ASTM D86?

Yes, the PMD 110 Micro distillation Analyzer acc. to ASTM D7345 is meanwhile listed in the following fuel specifications as alternative to ASTM D86:
ASTM D4814, D1655, D7566, D975, D7467, D2880, D396, D3699
It is also listed as alternative to ASTM D1160 in the Biodiesel (100% FAME) specification ASTM D6751.

What areas of research are PAC LP investigating to further develop distillation analysis?

As part of our continuous improvement efforts, our R&D engineering team is working on the next generation of our OptiDist and PMD 110 analyzers, which will assure our place as leaders and pioneers in distillation measurement.

About Thomas HeroldThomas Herold

Thomas Herold has over 35 years of experience in the analytical instrumentation industry. He started his career at Walter Herzog where he worked in research and development of petroleum testing analyzers. His work in Herzog helped achieve great technological advancements in the flash point and atmospheric distillation instrumentation. Thomas has been the product manager for the hot properties product line at PAC for the past 13 years. He is based in Lauda, Germany.

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