TestXpert for the Materials Testing Industry

testXpert III is the outcome of prolonged, intimate collaboration with software users in the materials testing industry and ZwickRoell’s experience of over 35,000 productive testXpert installations. From the outset, testXpert III utilizes a workflow that is appropriate to specific lab processes, methodically guiding the operator through their unique test. Get to know testXpert III and experience its ease of use.

Testing Software testXpert III - Intuitive and Workflow-Based

testXpert III provides a workflow-based, intuitive concept for every testing machine and instrument. The workflow is based on the work processes executed in a particular lab, conducting the user through each testing stage, from preparation and implementation of the test to result analysis.

Innovation and Experience in a Single Platform

  • Speedy familiarization with user management
  • Market leading testing system reliability
  • Intelligent wizard for testing configuration
  • Efficient, intuitive execution
  • Computerized date import and export
  • Verifiable manipulation-proof testing results

Set up Testing System

Each machine-related setting is configured from a central point. The unique System Configuration Builder retains safety settings for all applications and enables the definition of reproducible testing conditions. testXpert III ensures dependable testing results and optimal safety for the operator and the whole testing system.

Diverse Testing

Embodying over 100 functions, testXpert III is customized according to each industry’s common applications. ZwickRoell’s experts are closely associated with multiple standards committees to guarantee the incorporation of contemporary developments into testXpert III testing software.

  • All parameters and results, as well as the report, are preconfigured to standards.
  • All Standard Test Programs utilize industry-specific terminology.
  • The user interface, comprising graphics, results tables, tolerance displays, input dialog boxes and layout elements, is customizable according to user prerequisites.
  • Technical terminology, standard industry symbols, and variables are applied throughout the testing software.  
  • The aggregate results and statistics tables can be augmented.

ZwickRoell Speaks the Language of Multiple Industries

ZwickRoell’s materials testing machines are effectively enlisted in over twenty industries. The thoroughly flexible testing system can be specifically tailored to all individual needs. With ZwickRoell, users encounter testing without limits.

Plastics and Composites

Optimal measurement conditions for melt flow index testing by visually representing the MVR sequence and APC function. Reliable test results due to aligning your composites specimens with the aid of a running view of misalignment.

Medical Technology

ZwickRoell is compliant with legal guidelines, including 93/42/EWG or FDA 21 CFR Part 11, thereby ensuring all users are safeguarded. Dependable processes and secure backups are achieved by creating locally and globally comprehensive parameters, reports and dialog boxes. This pertains to various test machines and programs.


Increased product tolerances during production by determining Young’s modulus on both sides and superior strain rate control to ISO 6892-1 and ASTM E8. Completely reliable testing results with validation to ISO 6892-1/TENSTAND.


Detailed analysis of the local strain distribution and specimen behavior using the DIC function and synchronous testing recording. Calculation of further material properties via variable real-time connection of strain gages. Test without limits utilizing the customizable testXpert III All-In-Suite.


Optimized examination of specimen behavior via a real-time view of the testing sequence or by implementing online calculation of testing results. Test utilizing superimposed multi-axis solutions with only one testing software.

Uniform and Intuitive Operating Concept

testXpert III's workflow-based user concept is completely intuitive and identical for every materials testing machine and instrument. The software represents a future-oriented and standardized operating concept for every application and test type, and is easy to grasp after a single use. testXpert III enables the user to systematically implement standardized tests, individual test sequences, and complex tests, including those implemented in research and development.

Additional Functions of testXpert III

Results Customized to Individual Needs

testXpert III provides multiple present results coupled with the option to generate unique result types.

Automatic Correction of Machine Self-Deformation

testXpert III testing software represents a distinctive solution to the problem of eliminating materials testing machine self-deformation, while simultaneously allowing the user to obtain high-precision component measurements, with no need for auxiliary extensometers.

Traceable Specimen Behavior

Precisely synchronized videos allow visual analysis of specimen behavior during and after testing.

Customized Test Sequences

Utilizing the graphical sequence editor, testing sequences, testing events, parameters and results can be combined according to the user’s discrete needs.

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