Air Purification Products for Laboratory Environments

The capacity to control atmospheric variables and monitor the effects of any airborne substances is a non-negotiable necessity in almost any research and laboratory environment.

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Successfully extracting dirt, dust, gases, and vapors from labs is especially important as these contaminants can create potential risks to the conservation of dependable procedural conditions. Furthermore, they can pose a danger to the health of the staff working in the densely-packed, constricted research spaces.

Glas-Col’s intuitive range of air purification products affords scientists and specialists the means to trap and remove any undesirable gases that may develop as a byproduct of testing and experimentation.

Glas-Col’s Air Purification Technology

Glas-Col’s team of experts has designed several state-of-the-art air purification solutions that meet the specific needs of the customer depending on the scale of the extraction required.

Glas-Col’s Airfiltronix Corporation, which is a significant division of Glas-Col®, offers a purification system it can be proud of, one that has proven to catch and contain large quantities of airborne matter.

Ductless Fume Hoods

Airfiltronix produces fume hood models that are completely adaptable as they require no connection to external air supplies and are exceptionally mobile due to their portable nature. Its ductless fume hoods are an adaptable solution well-suited to trapping and confining any polluting airborne element.


The Glas-Col Airfiltronix team develops filters consisting of iodine, charcoal, mercury, etc. The company’s broad range and selection of fittings mean that, through a meaningful dialogue with the Airfiltronix team, customers can find the perfect filter suitably appropriate for their needs.


Glas-Col’s collection of state-of-the-art blowers all possess high-powered backward impellers to guarantee that extracted elements don’t seep or break out into the area from which they initially developed.

Applications Most in Need of Air Purification

Waiting Areas

Contaminated air and researchers co-existing in an enclosed space presents sizable risks. The Airfiltronix division’s superb filtration systems, with their progressive air purification attributes, eliminates the natural dust, contaminants, and bacteria that can be transferred into shops and medical waiting rooms. This facilitates the maintenance of a consistently clean air environment.

Science Labs

Numerous medium and smaller-scale scientific operations lack the budget and resources to invest and install facility-wide filtration fittings. Airfiltronix’s air purification products provide an economical but exceptionally efficient method of particle, gas, and vapor extraction, limiting the dangers related to repeated experimentation in an atmosphere inhabited by off-gases and the remains of previous research processes.

Whether a selection from the standard range of air purification products or something specifically tailored to your needs, contact one of Airfiltronix’s team members now out how it could help you.

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