Piezoelectrics - High Performance Single Crystals Piezoelectrics from NextTechs Technologies

The new single crystals offered here possess exceptional properties and are poised to revolutionize piezoelectric materials applications. In addition to strain levels exceeding 1% (usable strain: 0.5% at 35 kV/cm), these crystals exhibit five times the strain energy density of conventional piezoceramics.

Thus, unlike piezoceramic actuators that employ strain magnification schemes, single crystal actuators can deliver higher strain levels without sacrificing generative force. The high electromechanical coupling of the proposed crystals (>90%) increases transducer bandwidth, resulting in greater sensitivity and acoustic power. In addition, low strain hysteresis results in improved high power efficiency, and lower acoustic impedance than piezoceramics allowing for easier matching to air or water. High coupling also leads to dramatic improvement in passive vibration damping.

AZoM - Metals, ceramics, polymers and composites - Single crystal piezoelectric crystal wafers

Single crystal piezoelectric crystal wafers

Properties of the Single Crystal Piezoelectrics

The single crystal PMN-PT provides superior properties, enabling technologies not possible with piezoelectric ceramics:

  • Custom sizes, shapes and orientations provide unique possibilities based on crystal orientations
  • High coupling produces device bandwidths in excess of 100% in ultrasound and sonar projector applications
  • Increase in compliance reduces piezoelectric stack length by up to 3X, enabling smaller platforms and devices
  • Extremely high piezoelectric effect increases strain 5X over piezo-ceramics, reducing system power requirements
  • Exclusive license for use in medical transducers and actuators reduces competition

Potential Applications

Single crystal piezoelectric actuators are featured with low profile, high strain, high force and high precision. The XA actuators hold exceptional performances for applications in:

  • Cryogenic actuations
  • Nano-positioning
  • Adaptive optics
  • Vibration control
  • Adaptive structures, etc.

AZoM - Metals, ceramics, polymers and composites - Machined piezoelectric single crystals.

Machined piezoelectric single crystals.

AZoM - Metals, ceramics, polymers and composites - Crystal sonar elements

Crystal sonar elements

AZoM - Metals, ceramics, polymers and composites - Crystal actuators

Crystal actuators

Single Crystal Piezoelectric Composites

This new PMN-PT single crystal, 1-3 composites possess properties superior to piezoelectric ceramics and represent a major milestone in the advancement of medical ultrasound devices. The high electromechanical coupling of these crystals (>90%) results in a device with greater bandwidth (>100%) and acoustic power. The low acoustic impedance relative to bulk materials provides better acoustic matching, and the passive filler provides flexibility, allowing the composite plate to be curved for focusing.

Technology Readiness Level

The technology is commercially available. The company is ready to take orders and deliver product. This technology is supported by two US patents and has been awarded more than ten government contracts.

Company Profile

The originating company is a market driven company providing unique piezoelectric and power capacitor components to defense, medical and industrial firms. They specialize in advanced R&D and proprietary manufacturing to develop and produce conventional and new materials and components with revolutionary properties for use in acoustics, optics, power electronics and positioning/sensing. Their customers benefit from: (1) optimization of performance through tailored materials, and (2) superior quality at competitive prices.

Source: NextTechs Technologies.

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