Thermo-Tech Windows Improve Product Performance and Productivity with Dow Corning InstantGlaze Assembly Sealant

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A Thermo-Tech window is much more than a frame and a few pieces of glass. Each window is a complex fusion of highly technical components and raw materials. At the same time, most of the questions consumers ask their contractors and builders are more straightforward - will it start to leak in five years, or what impact will it have on my heating bill.

Jeff Hochstein, the plant manager at Thermo-Tech's facility in central Minnesota, understands the relationship between these simple questions and the technology behind each Thermo-Tech window better than most.

Dow Corning InstantGlaze Assembly Sealant

"We are always looking for new solutions to better address issues like water and air infiltration," he explained. "In doing so, we often consult with our leading material suppliers, like Dow Corning, for recommendations on new products and processes.""


On Dow Corning's recommendation, Hochstein integrated Dow Corning InstantGlaze Assembly Sealant, the industry's first and only silicone hot melt window assembly sealant, into his production process in 2007.

"Dow Corning has a long history of helping us improve both our products and our production process," Hochstein said. "The company's products, like InstantGlaze sealant, and its support staff have helped us continually explore and implement new technologies that meet our customers' needs."

InstantGlaze is a 100% silicone hot melt sealant that can be applied robotically using standard dispensing equipment and automated X-Y glazing tables. The sealant provides excellent adhesion, aesthetics, and flexibility, among other performance advantages.


"Using InstantGlaze sealant, we were able to exceed our customers' air and water infiltration requirements," Hochstein said. "At the same time, we were able to use the same application equipment we had in place for other materials, but at higher speeds and lower operating temperatures. We improved our productivity rates and, just as important, improved the safety inside the plant."

With help from material science leaders like Dow Corning, Thermo-Tech continues to explore new ways to advance window design based on the needs of contractors and customers. At the same time, new material solutions such as InstantGlaze sealant make the production process safer and more efficient, allowing Thermo-Tech to concentrate on producing products that will help define the future of the industry.


Dow Corning InstantGlaze Assembly Sealant

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