Friction Welding - A Viable Alternative to Brazing

While the term welding implied joining of two metals or materials using a filler material, friction welding differs in that it does not employ a filler material. The friction welding process involved rubbing the two metals that are to be joined at a controlled rotational speed. The friction generated between them generates heat. When sufficient heat has been generated, they reach a plastic state, at which point they are forged and a bond forms.

Friction Welding as an Alternative to Brazing

Friction welding can often make an excellent alternative to brazing. Friction welding overcomes several of the variables associated with brazing that can affect bond integrity. Some of these include gap joint thickness, braze alloy temperature, time, thickness, fluxes, gasses, pre-heat temperatures and setting times. In additions, inherent oxides produced by the joining process are are pushed out through the weld flash and can be machined off providing superior welds with out porosity.

Applications Where Friction Welding is Superior to Brazing

An example of where friction welding makes an excellent alternative to brazing, include small bar-to-bar welds .050" to .250" in diameter. A recent American Friction Welding application involved welding electrodes for electrical equipment. Friction welding is suitable for many electrical contractor applications for OEM's such as consumable resistance welding tips.

Other applications where friction welding is a viable alternative to brazing include fuel lines and fuel rails through to radiators, plumbing fixtures, drill bits and tools, aerospace and automotive components, cookware, and parts in the medical, security, semiconductor, and defense industries.

American Friction Welding

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