Mechanical Testing of Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers are improved version of naturally occurring plant and animal fibers. The creation of synthetic fibers involves the formation of a thread by forcing, typically through extrusion, fiber forming materials, via holes (called spinnerets) into the air. In the fiber production process, synthetic polymers, which are polymer based, have begun their role as a granulated polymer.

Quality Testing of Synthetic Fibers

A Tinius Olsen Melt Flow indexer is used to test and confirm the quality of the incoming polymer as per the specifications outlined by ASTM D1238 and/or ISO 1133 standards. Tinius Olsen has developed its new MP1200 melt indexer series based on both positive and negative feedback obtained from its global customer base. The MP1200 Melt Flow Indexer/Extrusion Plastometer, the latest member of Tinius Olsen’s polymer testing line, has incorporated the best of the ideas suggested by the global customer base.

The MP1200 has the advanced melt flow measurement technology, thus enabling users to rapidly and conveniently configure and conduct melt flow tests as per the requirements of international and industrial standards such as JIS K7210, ISO 1133-1 & 2, D3364, ASTM D1238, and much more.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the MP1200 Melt Flow Indexer/Extrusion Plastometer:

  • Three zone furnace with PID controller yields a barrel temperature homogeneity of +/-0.1 °C
  • Profiled weights for easy and safe operator handling
  • Availability of manual and auto cutter options
  • Integrated mirror supports procedure A testing manual cuts
  • Options for procedure A, B and automation
  • Touch screen facilitates function selection and quick testing
  • USB connectivity
  • Tinius Olsen Horizon software enables connection with multiple machines, and consolidates Vicat, HDT, impact, flex and tensile test results into a single database and test report

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Tinius Olsen.

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