Material Properties Under Intensive Dynamic Loading

Material Properties Under Intensive Dynamic Loading

Understanding the physical and thermomechanical response of materials subjected to intensive dynamic loading is a challenge of great significance in engineering today. This volume assumes the task of gathering both experimental and diagnostic methods in one place, since not much information has been previously disseminated in the scientific literature. This book will thus be an invaluable companion for both the seasoned practitioner as well as for the novice entering the field of experimental shock physics.

Table of contents
Basic Principles of Deformed Continuum Mechanics.- Methods and Devices for Producing Intense Shock Loads.- Recording Fast Processes in Dynamic Studies.- Determination of Hugoniots and Expansion Isentropes.- Studies of Phase Transformations.- Studying Dynamic Strength of Materials.- Estimation of Shock-Compressed Transparent Material Temperatures.- Determination of Detonation Parameters and Efficiency of Solid HE Explosion Products.- Laser Doppler Measuring Systems and Their Use in Shock-Wave Studies.- Index.

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