FT-IR Imaging Microscope for Material Sciences: LUMOS II

Through quality components, a robust stand-alone design and complete hardware automation, the LUMOS II FT-IR microscope provides pristine visual and spectral data. It offers fully automated measurements in transmission, ATR, and reflection. FT-IR beginners and experts are equally supported by easy handling and truly intuitive operation.

Bruker's thermoelectrically (TE) cooled MCT detector does not require liquid nitrogen (LN) for high-performance measurements > 10 µm. Furthermore, our unique Focal Plane Array (FPA) detector technology allows users to experience FT-IR imaging at unprecedented speed. The OPUS IR software assists users at any time and enables them to move effortlessly through evaluation, measurement, and reporting.


  • Completely automated FT-IR microscope
  • FT-IR imaging at exceptional speed by FPA technology
  • More than 1000 spatially resolved IR spectra in a single scan
  • Excellent spatial resolution and high-quality spectral data
  • TE-MCT requires no liquid nitrogen for measurements  10 µm
  • Up to three detector positions (e.g. TE-MCT + LN-MCT + FPA)
  • Samples with a height of up to 40 mm can be analyzed
  • Automated transmission, reflection and ATR measurements
  • Large field of view and splendid visual images
  • Evaluation and measurement are software-supported
  • Built-in piezo-controlled ATR crystal
FTIR Microscopy and Imaging reimagined – This is the LUMOS II

Polymer Investigation

The LUMOS II FT-IR spectrometer is one of the most vital analytical tools in polymer science. Infrared microscopy offers access to unmatched levels of detail exactly in this area.

This spectrometer can be used to monitor the factors that cause defects such as inhomogeneities and inclusion impurities in products. Users can start unraveling the chemical composition of multilayer structures, complex materials, varnishes, composite materials and laminates.

Particle Analysis

It is highly crucial to investigate particles when it comes to microplastics or technical cleanliness. The LUMOS II offers exclusive software features to detect particles and measure them in an automated manner, thus assisting users to analyze any particle on any surface.

Surface Analysis

Some surface refinements tend to fit products to their specific purposes, including inorganic coatings like DLC depositions and organic coatings like polymers. FT-IR imaging is the best tool to examine the homogeneity of coatings and resolve inconsistencies.


FT-IR microscopy is used in the automotive industry to investigate components of all types, such as coatings, paints, interiors, tires, electronics, and engine parts. The greatest benefit is that it is possible to identify defects and their cause quickly, thus enabling accurate trouble-shooting.

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